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5 typical Canarian souvenirs that will make a great gift

Whether it’s your first time traveling to the Canary Islands or you’re thinking of returning, after a fantastic holiday you surely want to share a bit of your experience with your loved ones. That’s why from iJump, we recommend 5 typical Canarian souvenirs that will make a great gift and are guaranteed to make someone happy.

5- Timple

The timple is one of those typical Canarian souvenirs that will delight the most bar owners as well as the most passionate music lovers.

This typical Canarian five-stringed instrument, similar to a miniature guitar, can be a great challenge for that family member who likes to embark on new hobbies, although it also looks great as a decorative element.

4- Typical Handicrafts

Another classic that never fails. Aside from key rings, t-shirts and mugs, there are a large number of markets and shops where you can find these typical Canarian handicrafts. Whether it’s pottery, leather goods or jewellery, Canarian handicrafts are unique and exude quality in all areas.

If you are looking for something nice to give as a gift or for a souvenir to decorate your living room, there are beautiful ceramic figurines that are really something special. Not to be forgotten is the jewellery made from volcanic gemstones such as peridot. With these personal touches you are sure to get it right.

3- Aloe Vera

The aloe plant is very typical of the Canary Islands and therefore there are numerous cosmetic products made from aloe vera. Here you can find everything from soaps to creams, serums and even lip balms.

With the natural ingredients, the aloe vera products are a great alternative for nature lovers and the environmentally conscious.


2- Canarian Wines

This typical Canarian gift will delight even the most demanding palates. No doubt that tasting one of these wines, made from grape varieties which are now extinct on the mainland, will take you back in time.

There is a wide range of red, white and sweet wines… No matter which wine you choose, you are sure to find one with a designation of origin or an award. We are confident that your expectations will be met.

1- Culinary Specialties on the Canary Islands

Where to start… There are so many goodies that can only be found here, that you could return with several suitcases full to the brim. From gofio de millo, a delicious cornmeal, which you can incorporate into your recipes or enjoy dissolved in hot milk, to the well-known mojo, a red or green dip, that goes well with the tasty papas arrugadas, the wrinkled potatoes, which are very typical of the Canary Islands and a must if you like tapas.

Although if you are looking for other options there is also the favourite soft drink of many… The Clipper! It comes in different flavours, but the most typical ones are undoubtedly orange and strawberry.

We know there are a lot more typical culinary specialties only to be found here on the islands which make perfect souvenir gifts. What else comes to your mind? Let us know in a comment!

If you prefer to give your loved ones something completely different and don’t want to fall back on the typical Canarian gifts, you can also present one of our incredible tandem skydives!


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