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How much does skydiving cost?

Do you want to try something new? Looking for that adrenaline rush? We at iJump know exactly what you mean. Skydiving is an experience that will enrich your life like no other so we encourage you to take the plunge and find out what free fall feels like. However, first of all, we want to … Read more

How to skydive and not die trying

Doing the first skydive is an exciting experience. The adrenaline, the heartbeat when you jump and the euphoria that you feel in free fall. Leaving your worries on the ground and forgetting about them. These are all emotions that you will want to relive. But first we must know how to skydive for the first … Read more

What are the parts of a parachute?

Parachute jumping is an unforgettable experience that raises your adrenaline levels to the maximum and allows you to enjoy a spectacular moment. There are many elements involved making this incredible experience possible for us to enjoy. Some of those elements are the parts of a parachute. We at iJump have prepared this post with information … Read more