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Best Bachelor & Bachelorette party ideas in Gran Canaria

Have any of your friends decided to take the plunge and get married? It’s time to organise a grand celebration then! That’s why we put together some great ideas for you to plan a fun bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria.

The island Gran Canaria offers a wide range of services and facilities to enjoy an excellent bachelor or bachelorette party with ease. Are you inspired yet to choose this destination as the setting for an unforgettable celebration?

And speaking of unforgettable… What about a tandem skydive as the star activity of your bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria? With iJump you will experience the ultimate thrill and enjoy the best views of the island from high up – a different and original plan that you definitely won’t forget!

If you are looking for more ideas for things to do during your next island visit we recommend to check out our blog where we regularly publish new articles with interesting info.

Keen to know what the best ideas for a bachelor & bachelorette party in Gran Canaria are? We’ll reveal some tips below!

Let’s go!

Staying on a resort or perhaps a villa in Gran Canaria?

If you have big plans for this bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria the best thing to do is to rent one of the beautiful, comfortable and spacious villas or private rural houses that you can find on the island. A great option if you want a private space that only your people and guests will have access to.

Ideally, if you can afford it, opt for a villa with a swimming pool, as this will give you the freedom to sunbathe and take a cooling dip at any time.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy all the services and customer care 24 hours a day the hotels on the island may be the better choice. They all have excellent restaurants as well as swimming pools and gym areas.

If you want to pamper yourself during the bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria a hotel with a spa would be a fantastic option: nothing better than a massage and a good cosmetic session to get ready for the night.

Let’s get the party started!

No bachelor & bachelorette party in Gran Canaria is complete without a night out and in Gran Canaria you can find some of the best and trendiest venues to have an awesome time with your friends!

If you feel like dancing, then don’t miss out on the clubs in Gran Canaria. There are plenty that we are sure you will love. We recommend a night out in the Guanarteme area of ​​Las Palmas, where there are lots of cool clubs, pubs and bars. In this area you can enjoy different vibes and have an amazing night with your friends, dancing like crazy or having a cozy evening in a bar with the typical tapas and delicacies of the area.

If you want to celebrate closer to the beach take your bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria to one of the beach clubs on the island.

Maroa and Kai Club are two beach clubs that we can highlight as they specialise in bachelor & bachelorette parties. These are ideal places to enjoy a perfect mix of pool, beach, party and the sunset that is simply spectacular in Gran Canaria.


The Ultimate Party Banger

What would be the ultimate party banger? Going on thrilling adventures and doing exciting activities, all those you shouldn’t miss when visiting Gran Canaria. A bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria is the perfect time to say yes to everything and that’s where adventure and adrenaline come into play. Here are some original ideas so you can plan your bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria with that little something extra:

Camel Riding in Maspalomas

This is a fun activity that promises incredible pics and memories as well as a unique experience while appreciating the beauty of the dunes against the Atlantic.

Safari Buggy

Let’s change the scenery and your vehicle-  here we invite you to step it up a notch and go fast in a quad bike. Drive the quad bike yourself on this demanding but fun route and enjoy the Fataga backdrop, a spectacular area of the island.

Tour the Island

There are several companies that offer excellent tours around the island to discover the immensity and beauty of its beaches, ravines, forests and dams.

Tandem Skydiving

The ultimate extreme activity. If you’re going to take the plunge in your personal life, why not do it literally with iJump?

With iJump you can go tandem skydiving. All you need is a short briefing to prepare you for this ultimate adventure experience.

Jump, freefall and then fly peacefully on a parachute while marvelling at the beauty of the island and the dunes of Maspalomas from high up in the sky.

Top your bachelor or bachelorette party in Gran Canaria with the ultimate thrill by experiencing pure adrenaline. This will surely prepare you for the next step, the “Yes, I do”.

Did we inspire you for a different, original and unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party experience in Gran Canaria? Get in touch!


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