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Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria

The Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria is one of the best kept natural secrets on the island. It is a cave endowed with mystery and a natural wonder for visitors to the island.

But due to its unique access it is not suitable for everyone as this spectacular natural spot appears and disappears depending on the tide, so you can only visit it at low tide and when the sea is calm.

If one were to describe the Cueva de los Mil Colores de Gran Canaria in four adjectives, the following would be the ones suiting it best: beautiful, mysterious, enticing and dangerous.

Cave of Thousand Colours, Gran Canaria: Natural Wonder

This magical place of singular beauty is located on the east coast of the island, in the municipality of Telde, in Las Palmas. Surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean the Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria is also known as the Cueva de la Reina Mora (The Cave of the Blackberry Queen).

It is a small hollow space showcasing a chromatic range of colours, from brown and green tones provided by the algae to the turquoise blue of the water in the natural pool at its centre.

There is a theory that the Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria was “discovered” by José Luis González Ruano, anthropologist and writer, who first mentioned it in one of his writings in 1988.

It is a place that not only entices one to have a dip in the cooling waters, but it is also a perfect spot for photography lovers visiting the island. Therefore, we invite you to explore the Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria and immortalise its uniqueness with a camera.

The main photographic motif is the cave. Due to its small size, we recommend that you take a wide-angle lens or take a panoramic photograph to capture all the beauty of this place.

Another possibility is to take a photo from the inside looking out. Thanks to its orientation to the east, at dawn the views offered by the Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria are a real spectacle for all five senses with the sun rising on the horizon.

If you are planning to go to this cave for a swim you should be very cautious as it is located in an area where the sea is generally rough. You wouldn’t be the first person who got a scare by being reckless.

As mentioned before, its location is quite hidden and you can virtually not see it until you reach the cave entrance being tucked away under a rocky outcrop.


So if this mysterious cave peeked your interest and you would like to know how to get to the Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria, we explain it to you below.

Cave of Thousand Colours, Telde: How to get there

The quickest way to get to the Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria is to take the GC-1 road going south and leave it at exit 7B towards La Estrella Shopping Centre.

Once in that direction, follow the signs to Playa de La Garita, located in the municipality of Telde. This beach has a stretch of fine, dark sand behind which the unique Cueva de los Mil Colores (Cave of a Thousand Colours) is hiding.

To reach the cave, we recommend walking the path when the tide is low, as this is the time when both the access and the cave itself are completely exposed.

To be safe it is best to go on this adventure in a group and to wear suitable non-slip footwear, as along the way you may encounter areas where the ground is slippery and a little slopey.

As far as the weather is concerned, you can rest assured that both Playa de La Garita and the Cueva de los Mil Colores de Gran Canaria have pleasant temperatures all year round.

When you have reached the foot of the cave you will find it on the left hand side facing the sea. Once inside, you can marvel at the range of colours and the most mysterious natural “Jacuzzi” on the island.

If you are looking for a place to disconnect and be enchanted by a unique natural wonder, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Cave of Thousand Colours in Gran Canaria.

What else can you do in Gran Canaria?

If you are a photography lover we recommend that you visit the Bufadero de La Garita as well which is, as its name already suggests, also located in the neighbourhood of La Garita. Even though it is a very accessible area it is not that well known yet.

Once at the Bufadero de La Garita you should pay attention to two main areas: two holes in the rock that simulate large wells filling and emptying with the tide. At the top of one of the holes is the “bufadero” which expels water under pressure with the crash of the waves. The bufadero expelling out water is the most photographic moment if you are looking to impress.

Of course Gran Canaria also offers you other incredible activities. If you visit the island, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it from the heights.

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