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Charming spots in Gran Canaria

It’s probably nothing new to you that our island has a lot of choice places to visit and original activities to do but maybe you don’t know some of its best kept secrets yet… With today’s post we want to present you a wonderful selection of charming spots in Gran Canaria.

Stunning hidden spots in Gran Canaria

Be it breathtaking natural sites or small, sleepy villages with a magical atmosphere, there are many charming spots in Gran Canaria, each one more special than the next.

Let’ take a look at a few that we have selected, based on our own experiences, as we hope that the special moments we have enjoyed here can become part of you too when you come to visit the island.

Acusa Seca

We are off to a good start. At this archaeological site you can find caves transformed into cozy homes. Yes, you read that right and moreover, they have been inhabited for over thousand years.

But that’s not all: a few of them are still used today as second homes by their owners who spend their weekends there. This fusion of the island’s aboriginal past and the present is certainly worth seeing.

And there is even more: around the site are several tracks where you can discover exciting places such as thousand-year-old tombs carved into the rock. Undoubtedly, a charming place to visit in Gran Canaria.

El Bufadero de la Garita

Moving on to a completely natural spot, but remaining within these marvellous charming corners of Gran Canaria, we come across the bufadero in the village of La Garita.

If you are a lover of photography, this is a must-visit. It’s a hollow carved into the rugged east coast of the island, filling and emptying through the constant ebb and flow of the ocean accompanied by a loud “gurgling” sound. At times a pressurised jet of sea water bursts out. Add this impressive water fountain in the beautiful backdrop of a sunrise – you have the money shot!

The Osorio Estate

With 204 hectares of surface area, the Finca de Osorio has a great variety of activities to do.

The Osorio Estate is located within the Doramas Rural Park, which has a good network of natural walking trails making it an ideal place to connect with nature. Another way to connect with nature is by participating in the Project for the Reintroduction of the Loral Pigeon (Columba Junoniae).

The headquarters are located in the main building, which combines architectural elements of the characteristic Canarian rural house with features of the English colonial style typical of the 19th century.

Whatever you choose, this Cabildo property is indeed a charming spot at an exquisite corner of Gran Canaria.

Roque Nublo

Have you ever felt small in humble awe? Certainly not as small as standing next to Roque Nublo, one of the highest rocks in the world rising 80m above its base. It even impressed Miguel de Unamuno himself, so it has undoubtedly earned its place among the most charming spots in Gran Canaria.

Hiking up to it is not only a fantastic way for a fun workout but the views along this beautiful trail and at the top will be a well-deserved reward.


Tirma Estate

This is a big one. Located in the Tamadaba Natural Park the Tirma Estate covers 2,000 hectares of pure natural beauty. It’s a fairly isolated place, perfect for a peaceful hike while enjoying the magnificent landscapes as well as the fauna and flora that inhabit it.

As this is a very old area it is also of great geological interest. You can find basaltic lava flows that are more than 14 million years old. If that doesn’t fill you with reverence… A truely awe-inspiring spot in Gran Canaria, perhaps the oldest.

Azuaje Ravine

If green is your favourite colour, this is your place. The Azuaje Ravine is one of the few corners in Gran Canaria where you can find an original laurel forest.

An old 19th century spa hidden in the undergrowth and multiple streams of water that cascade down like a waterfall add some mystery to the scenery. It is indeed a charming place filled with a magical atmosphere.

We’re sure we could inspire you to visit some of these charming places, although maybe you know them already and you think there’s one that we’ve missed. Leave us a comment with your favourite spot in Gran Canaria!


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