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Discover Gran Canaria’s amazing secret beaches

Are you travelling to the Canary Islands often and would like to explore new and unique places? If you are one of those who likes to discover special, secret spots, you should write down these hidden beaches of Gran Canaria in your travel planer. We at iJump wrote this blog post so that you can locate these wonderful destinations and experience new adventures.

Gran Canaria’s wonderful hidden beaches

Gran Canaria has a huge range of beaches that are well worth a visit. Yes, we know that the most popular ones attract a lot of people because they offer a number of services and amenities that visitors love and because their variety of activities and the space as such, make them really appealing for the whole family.

However, there are around 80 hidden beaches in Gran Canaria. Some of them are not accessible anymore, but the ones which are, are totally worth it to check out while on your holidays in Gran Canaria.

Below, we are going to highlight those that are most special and idyllic, so you know which ones not to miss, on your trip to this beautiful island:

Juncal Beach

Let’s start in the northeast of the island, in the municipality of Agaete, with this marvellous beach which the locals also call “Playa del Puertito“. It is a secluded small pebble bay that can be reached on foot, after walking along a dirt road, where you also might come across sheep and mountain goats.

The most pleasant thing about this beach is that it is rarely crowded, as only anchor boats, locals and people who love nature go to this wonderful hidden bay. Therefore it is a very private beach and the peaceful quiet is what makes it stand out most.

At many hidden beaches of Gran Canaria water sports are practised on a regular basis. El Juncal is great for snorkelling, however, we invite you to just relax on this marvellous, peaceful beach and swim in the blue waters that surround it.

If you decide to go to this beach, we recommend taking some supplies with you: water, some snacks,  good shoes to get to the beach and, of course, a book to keep you entertained while you sunbathe.

Confital Beach

Among the hidden beaches of Gran Canaria the beach El Confital is quite accessible, as it is located next to the neighbourhoods of La Isleta and Las Coloradas. The beach is a protected area and even though it is really beautiful and invites you to stay, its wild nature does not make it very popular with the general public.

Getting to this beach is easier than getting to the Juncal beach, as it is accessible by car, bicycle or on foot along the promenade that borders the bay, which offers spectacular views of the Confital.

Although the locals are most seen at this beach, windsurfers are also regular visitors, as the strong waves and winds here are ideal for this type of activity.

Being located close to urban areas, services, restaurants and other facilities are easy to find, so all you have to worry about is bringing your beach-umbrella and sunscreen to enjoy this beautiful desert landscape.

Guayedra Beach

One of the hidden beaches in Gran Canaria that deserves to be in this blog post for its beauty and geological value is Playa de Guayedra. The richness of its fauna and flora make it a paradisiacal environment, especially at sunset.


It is also located in the area of Agaete. To get there, you will drive along the northwest road and take the GC-200 exit. Then you will walk through the beautiful volcanic landscape, which leads to the ravine where the beach is at. 

If you are looking for a place to disconnect from everything and just concentrate on admiring the ocean landscape, this is the ideal place to do so. The best thing to do at this beautiful quiet beach is to swim in it’s clean and crystal clear waters. A must-visit among the hidden beaches of Gran Canaria!

It is also worth mentioning that in the area of Guayedra and Agaete, you can go on numerous excursions to spend a fun day out: visit the Tumulus necropolises , the traditional architecture of the 19th century, Puerto Las Nieves, take photos of the Roque partido or simply enjoy the gastronomic delights of the area.

Guigüi Beach

We end our wonderful list of hidden beaches in Gran Canaria with this jewel which is actually divided into two: Guigüi Chico and Guigüi Grande. Located in the west of the island, specifically La Aldea de San Nicolás, we get to these two beaches on foot or by boat.

If you are coming from Maspalomas, after having done the fun activity of tandem skydiving, it won’t take you more than an hour to get to the road that leads to Guigüi. Driving this serpentine mountain road can be a bit tough but it’s absolutely worth it.


As it is an ecological reserve and unspoilt beach, there are no services or restaurants available in the surrounding area. So it is essential to carry a backpack with enough water, food and sunscreen. Not only for relaxing at the beach but also to enjoy the trip there. This is one of the most beautiful and incredible areas of the island, as well as one of the real hidden beaches in Gran Canaria that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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