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Discover the Charco de La Paloma in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an island full of surprises and wonderful places to visit. If you want to enjoy a day surrounded by nature and tranquility, the Charco de La Paloma is a secret jewel of Gran Canaria, which you don’t want to miss.

This beautiful place is not so well known by the vast majority of tourists who visit the island every year. We from iJump have prepared this post about the Charco de La Paloma for you to discover this hidden gem of Gran Canaria, uncovering all its secrets.

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If you are ready to uncover the secrets of Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria, keep on reading.

Where is the Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria located?

The Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria, also known as Charco de las Palomas, is located in the popular province of Tejeda. The mountain village Tejeda is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain characterised by some of the greatest places and monuments of the island.

Among these emblematic sights in Tejeda we can emphasize, for example, Roque Nublo, almost an obligatory stop for anyone who visits the island.

The Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria is a natural spot with a large waterfall and pond that is easily accessible through a path suitable for all kinds of people, including children.

Paloma means pigeon and this place is named after the usual presence of pigeons that swarm around the top of the waterfall.

Although those who live in the capital of the island consider Tejeda to be too far away (about an hour), we at iJump believe that it is a place worth visiting. Besides, the journey is beautiful and it will be fun to walk through the different landscapes that the island has to offer. You will be amazed to discover its great diversity!

How to get to Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria

As we have already mentioned, getting to Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria is easy and worthwhile. The trail is suitable for families and takes about 30 minutes.

Although there are several routes, some of them circular, here we will explain the easiest way to get there.

charco de la paloma tejeda

The closest place to park is on the GC-60 road, next to the monument La Cesta de Tejeda. From there, cross the road and continue along the path. After a few meters, the street will become a dirt road.

Keep walking along this trail, parallel to the ravine until you reach a fork. At this point it is important that you continue straight. If you decide to walk the path to the right, you will take a detour and arrive at Cruz de Timagada.

After a few meters, you will reach a large esplanade and, once again, you will have to continue straight, ignoring a path that appears on the right which would take you to a private estate.

Continue down the route until you reach the riverbed and cross it. After this, you will notice how the trail starts to ascend a little and you will pass a mound of stones and sand. This will be a sign that you are on the right track.

Continue down the ravine with a little caution and cross the riverbed again. A few meters away you will see the Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria.

To return, walk the same route in reverse.

Aspects to take into account

Now that you know how to get to Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria, we want to offer you some tips. To make the most of this beautiful place there are certain aspects to take into account:

  • We recommend the visit during the rainy season as the waterfall is bigger and you can enjoy all its splendour.
  • The path is full of almond trees, so we recommend walking along the trail during the flowering season (January-March) to enjoy their colours.
  • Wear non-slip shoes and comfortable clothes to make the journey easier.
  • Don’t forget to take some food and fresh water with you in case you need to refuel.
  • Take a photo at the beginning of the route at the Monument of the Cesta de Tejeda, with the Roque Bentayga behind.
como llegar charco de la paloma tejeda

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We hope we sparked your interest with this post about the Charco de La Paloma de Gran Canaria and could give you an idea for how to spend a fun day exploring the island.

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