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Discover the skydiving regulations

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For skydiving to be a fun and safe sport, you have to follow a set of rules. Accordingly, there are skydiving regulations, which we will elaborate on further in this article.

We from iJump are dedicated skydiving experts who love our job. We know, for everyone to have the best experience with us skydiving in Gran Canaria it is essential to feel safe. Therefore we have prepared this post to show that skydiving is not a reckless amusement but a well regulated extreme sport.

In the following we focus on the basic rules of skydiving and their importance, especially in terms of safety measures, which we apply every day in our jumps.

However, it is important to know that there are many more specific rules depending on where you skydive and the type of jump you do. But for now getting to know the fundamental skydiving rules that we indicate below is all you need to feel confident and daring to jump with us. Be bold and prepare for your adventure!

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Are you ready to discover the most important skydiving regulations? Let’s go!

The importance of following the rules of skydiving

As we just pointed out, following the rules of skydiving is essential to ensure responsible and reliable jumping. At iJump we comply with each and every one of these rules for everybody to be safe while enjoying an unforgettable experience with us.

All these regulations cover the most important aspects to be taken into account when jumping out of an aircraft such as equipment conditions, jumper’s condition, safety protocols and measures, preparations, etc.

Knowing each of these skydiving rules and applying them on a daily basis gives us the peace of mind to be able to enjoy the jumps and guarantee a unique experience to our customers.

Always check the equipment and its condition

The equipment being in a good condition is a fundamental and most likely very obvious concern for any type of skydive. To ensure the equipment’s condition is fit and will not generate any problems we at iJump follow a strict equipment safety policy. There are no exceptions.

material paracaidismo
  • Only use equipment which is in good condition and approved by currentnorms.
  • Do a routine equipment check before putting it on, before boarding and before exiting the plane. This way we are certain to detect any issues that may arise before making the jump.
  • Carry out comprehensive equipment checks on a regular basis, inspecting every detail including the reserve canopy and all internal components.
  • Use a checklist with all the elements to inspect so that no detail is overlooked when examining the condition of the equipment.
  • Carry out regular equipment maintenance, cleaning, flexing and servicing individual parts to guarantee smooth operation of all mechanisms.This also entails repacking the reserve canopy periodically.
  • Keep track of the number of jumps the equipment has been used for to make sure parts are exchanged and serviced according to the lifespan recommended by the manufacturer.

Skydiving regulations related to the aircraft in which we fly

The time we spend in the aircraft prior to jumping out might be easily overlooked as the skydive itself tends to be the centre of attention. Nonetheless the aircraft in which we fly is a fundamental factor to consider when talking about safety in skydiving. For this reason, it has its own section within our skydiving rules as we like to pay attention to all the details.

  • Always approach the aircraft with care following the instructions of your instructor and the pilot.
  • Know the emergency procedures and exits of the aircraft.
  • Regularly check the condition of the aircraft, its safety mechanisms and carry out the corresponding maintenance work.

Aspects to consider regarding the jump and the landing area

Probably needless to say that some of our skydiving regulations are directly related to the jump itself and the place where we plan to land. At iJump we are well organised. We like to be prepared and leave nothing to chance so that everything is set up to go smoothly.

To ensure each and every skydive to be successful and an experience that we are confident you will want to repeat, we respect the following rules at all times:

  • Always open the parachute with enough height to be able to react to an emergencyand have time to open the reserve parachute if necessary.
  • Be aware of your surroundings during free fall and whilst flying the parachute, mindful of all directions, to avoid collisions with other teammates.
  • Do not make unexpected or sudden movements, keeping in mind your teammates around you, who might be confused and unsettled by your unpredictable flight manoeuvres.
  • Use parachute landing patterns to avoid congestion in the landing area.
  • The chosen landing area should always be large, even and free of obstacles.
  • The landing area must have an easy access to allow for quick assistance and evacuation should the need arise.
  • Ensure that the weather conditions are suitable and within the limitations for the jump.
tipos de paracaidas

Rules related to the skydiver

Finally, we would like to point out the skydiving regulations related to the jumpers themselves, which they must comply with to ensure their own and everyone else’s safety. To promote a good practice and responsible work environment iJump has implemented following rules:

  • If the jumper feels it is not safe to jump, they don’t jump.
  • If the jumper is unwell for health or any other reason, they don’t jump.
  • The jumper only jumps according to their level of difficulty and experience.
  • The jumper values a good skydiving practice by constantly training, learning andstaying up to date with industry developments.
  • The jumper forms muscle memory by repeating movements towards the reserve handles so they know their location at all times during the skydive and if necessary can pull them automatically and without thinking.
  • No jumps may be made under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance.

Live an awesome experience with iJump

As you can see, we take each and every detail regarding the safety and wellbeing of everyone jumping very seriously. We hope after reading about all these skydiving regulations we follow at iJump you feel bold and adventurous to take the plunge with us.

If you are ready to dare living a unique experience with an exceptional team of skydiving experts, don’t hesitate to book your skydive with us now. Enjoy Gran Canaria like never before!

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