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First Skydive: from what height and what are the safety precautions?

You’ve decided to do your first skydive – congratulations! You are about to embark on one of the most exciting, challenging and memorable activities of your life.

To make this moment truly unique, at iJump we are going to prepare you with all the information and the best safety tips that you will need to have a great experience.

So let’s get to know a little more about what you will experience during this adventurous activity with which you will begin to live life from a totally different perspective…

Tandem Jumping: what you need to know before your skydive experience

Safety is one thing you want to feel sure about before doing your first Tandem skydive. When you do it with professionals who have years of experience, the whole activity is an exciting and safe process.

The second thing you should know is that you will always receive clear instructions before the jump. In addition, you will be accompanied by your personal instructor who will give you confidence and guide you every step of the way during your skydive. You will be informed of everything you need, to prepare your mind and heart, so that you can enjoy this unique adventure to the fullest.

Beyond this, it is also important to keep in mind some information that is necessary to plan your skydiving day. From iJump we are going to dissolve all your doubts, giving you all the tools to make the most out of your first skydive experience:

Am I going to jump alone?

No. When you choose to do a tandem skydive you must bear in mind that this is different from other types of skydiving as you will jump together with an expert instructor. You will be securely attached to the professional skydiver by means of a special harness.

From what height is the tandem skydive performed?

Normally the jump itself is performed from 10,000 feet / 3,000 metres above sea level, although the height may vary depending on the skydive location.

What is the estimated falling speed in free fall?

The falling speed, before opening the parachute, is more than 200 km/h. This moment lasts approximately 30 to 40 seconds.


When does the parachute open?

The instructor initiates the parachute opening at the altitude of  5,000 feet / 1,500 metres. The parachute flight lasts for a period of 5 to 8 minutes before softly touching the ground.

Who can go tandem skydiving?

Almost anyone, who wishes to take part in a tandem skydive activity can do so. From children to seniors who want to experience this intense and fun adventure.

Of course participants should be in good health and have no recent injuries or conditions that limit mobility. And for children to enjoy their first skydive, they must always have the permission of their parents or guardians.

Are you looking forward to the adventure of skydiving? In the following we’ll give you much more info to help you take that big step with more confidence when it comes to safety in the process.

The safety of your first skydive with iJump

It is important to reiterate how safe tandem skydiving is. Not only because you are accompanied by your personal instructor with proven experience and hours of jumping, but because skydiving is a highly regulated sport and there are a number of safety mechanisms and measures in place that mitigate the risks.

What safety elements do you encounter before and during your tandem jump? Let’s find out more.

Preliminary Instructions

Your skydive preparation begins the day before. There are some basic recommendations and guidelines which you should keep in mind. Among these we have to highlight the following:

  • Come to the activity well rested.
  • Have had a light meal.
  • Important: not to have consumed alcohol or any kind of recreational drugs.
  • And finally, wear suitable clothing and footwear that is comfortable but protects you from the cold at high altitudes.

Pre-Jump Briefing

Another safety measure for a tandem jump is the pre-jump briefing to prepare for the skydive. First-time jumpers are taught everything they need to know to enjoy the jump.

This ensures that participants are fully aware of everything that will happen at every step of the activity. This is crucial for the enjoyment of the activity and to increase the feeling of confidence in the activity.

Remember that, before the parachute opens, everything seems to happen very quickly. That is why it is important to know the whole process and to be aware of it despite the excitement and nerves of the moment.


Equipment Quality and Maintenance

One of the doubts that may arise for those making their first skydive is related to the equipment. As this is a new experience with equipment that you have never seen physically before, the need to know how the harness, the parachute itself and other elements of it work is totally understandable.

You should bear in mind that, in companies specialising in tandem skydiving, such as iJump, investment in equipment is crucial. They work with the best companies in the sector that offer high quality equipment guaranteed for constant use in the conditions to which they are exposed.

All the equipment used, from the goggles to every centimetre of the harness and other instruments, is checked daily, before and after each jump. This is to ensure that the equipment is in optimum condition.

Don’t forget that each instructor is trained to evaluate the whole process of harness fitting and the use of the parachute itself. In addition, the parachute equipment always have two parachute units: the main parachute and the emergency parachute.

Beyond the second parachute, all equipment is fitted with barometric devices that work by measuring the height and speed of fall, which trigger the opening of the emergency parachute in the event that it is not activated manually.

Safety is paramount in this activity and when it comes to equipment, iJump does not skimp on investment or maintenance.

Flight and Landing

Another element that you can be sure is always under control. Starting with the pilot who will take you and the rest of the group to the jumping height and exit point.

In addition to this, it should be highlighted once more that the expert skydiver who accompanies you on the tandem skydive is trained to perform the free fall and flying the parachute, while making you feel at ease.

Upon landing, your instructor is able to control both the speed, the direction and the exact spot you land on.

As you can see, although skydiving belongs to the group of extreme sports, when it is done properly, by professionals and with the best equipment, it is a 100% safe activity. The important thing is to do it well and enjoy the moment.

What does it feel like to skydive?

Skydiving is a truly unbeatable experience. There is a whole host of emotions that you go through, which trigger ideas and feelings that complement and enrich the whole process.

Starting with the anticipation of arriving at the skydive centre, the instruction process and the scenic flight ascending to the exit point. Then there’s the moment when we’re told we’re in position and ready to jump. And finally, the adrenaline rush when you find yourself already in free fall. But is that all? Without a doubt, there is much more. Tandem skydiving will move you and mark you for life.

After all that excitement, having left your comfort zone and released millions of endorphins, comes that “nirvana” moment that skydiving enthusiasts always express when asked what it feels like to skydive: the full enjoyment of life.

When the parachute opens is when you appreciate the true value of the tandem skydive experience. Why do we say that? Because seeing the world from above, the infinity of the ocean and the way it merges with the sky in which you are peacefully gliding on the parachute is something that, on a personal level, is priceless.

Physically, your body goes through a thrilling tension. In common words, you feel a tingling sensation that begins with the plane ride and intensifies during free fall, when the wind crashes against you and your mind has not yet processed all that you are experiencing.

With daring to experience something completely new and as intense as skydiving comes that feeling of freedom, vitality and pure joy.

And, to remember it all, don’t forget to let your adventure be captured with our available video & photos packages so you can relive that moment whenever you want.

iJump: your specialist to experience your tandem jump like no other

At iJump we want you to become enthralled with this beautiful and enriching activity when doing your first skydive with us.

We expect you to answer the question “How does it feel to skydive?” with:

“I want to do it again and again and again and again!


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