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Give a Skydive

With a Tandem Skydive Gift Card, you are giving an unforgettable experience, a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime. Skydiving is one of the best gift ideas, especially when it’s for those who are looking for new sensations and experiences. They will absolutely love it!

Why is skydiving in Gran Canaria the perfect gift idea?

Enjoying the majestic views of the coastline, beaches and mountains of Gran Canaria while climbing to the jumping height is just the beginning of this incredible adventure. The unique feeling of free fall is beyond words.

Flying peacefully on the parachute while still being full of adrenaline stands in perfect balance to the ultimate thrill of falling at more than 200 km / h towards the earth, just before landing softly directly on the spectacular Maspalomas Dunes.

Gran Canaria is a great location to experience skydiving. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to give that important person a gift they will never forget.

Make a very special gift to a very special someone!



*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg. incurs an additional charge of 50€.

Live a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

What does the Tandem Skydive gift card include?

There are two options. With our Gift Card for 1 full Tandem Skydive you are giving a full tandem skydive experience. Besides a full tandem skydive gift card, you can also opt for our 100€ value gift card.

Gift a Tandem Skydive

Our Tandem Skydiving experience will leave your special someone speechless.

You are making a unique present by giving experiences which encourage someone to break the barriers of fear and the unknown.

Before boarding the plane we will do a small briefing in which we will teach the body positions for the exit, free fall and landing. There is nothing to worry about though. The person will be connected to an expert skydiving instructor with a special harness. The most important thing they will have to think about is to enjoy and relax while observing the beautiful landscape of Gran Canaria from above. Once in the air, all fears disappear.

  • The arrival time must be at the agreed booking time, where the registration forms will be filled out. The checkin time could change for weather or air traffic delays, for this reason, it is important to leave the day free without time constrains.
  • We will record the entire experience for you! Our team offers you packages of videos and photos so that the special person can keep a memory of this experience forever, being able to relive it and share it with loved ones.
  • After landing: Once back on the ground, the equipment has to be returned to our team and our team will give out a certificate. The photos and / or video will be sent by email.
  • It is important to get enough sleep before the skydive and to be well rested for this incredible experience. It is prohibited to consume any drugs or alcohol within the previous eight hours of the jump. It is prohibited to scuba dive within the previous 24 hours of the jump.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and not impair mobility or blow away with the wind. It is a good idea to also bring some warm clothes as the temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees lower at height than at sea level.
  • What about the mask? It is mandatory to arrive at our skydive center with a mask. During the free fall and parachute flight they will not remain on so the mask will be removed just before exiting the plane. Our team will take care of keeping everyone protected at all times.

We want to share our passion for skydiving with everyone who is willing to take the plunge.

Rest assured that you are gifting such an important moment safely. With a skydive gift card from iJump you are guaranteed  professional instructors and the latest technology equipment.

Our team knows what they are doing and they enjoy every flight. We will be delighted to share this unique experience. Would you like to give someone special the greatest adventure? Make dreams come true for a special someone with our Tandem Skydive Gift Card. Open dated for two years the lucky recipient can choose their perfect day to go skydiving. They can book their appointment here on our website or over the phone. It is very simple and easy. Happy gifting!







Tandem instructor




Tandem instructor


Dopo anni ho deciso di vivere questa esperienza e ho scelto iJump per due motivi:il primo é che ogni giorno vedo atterrare i loro lanci da casa mia; secondo sono rinomati per la professionalitá. E di fatto é stata una esperienza . . .strabiliante. Molto superiore alle aspettative(come mi disse Leo), in una giornata perfetta ho goduto di viste mozzafiato grazie al mio istruttore(Dean) che mi ha seguito passo passo, dalla partenza all'arrivo. Mi sono sempre sentito al sicuro e seguito da gente capace anche se forse ero troppo emozionato per notarlo al momento. Indimenticabile. Certo il prezzo non é basso ma ricordate che si parla di volo, lancio, piloti, istruttori, licenze etc. Una volta nella vita va fatto, e chissà, una volta passata la paura(solo al momento del salto), che non lo faccia ancora.
Massimilino Mortiolo
Massimilino Mortiolo
Absolutely incredible experience. The instructors prioritized safety while also ensuring we had an amazing time. They kept the mood light and ensured we were always comfortable and satisfied with the experience. The adrenaline is something I have never experienced and cannot put in words beyond “do it!” Next time I am in Gran Canaria, I will definitely return to jump here again.
Lucas O'Rourke
Lucas O'Rourke
Thanks guys, it was such a great experience! Cip and the crew are very kind and professional and all of you guys took such good care about me! Go there and have fun! Thx to whole crew! Patrick
Patrick dS
Patrick dS
Una experiencia única con unos grandes profesionales, que transmiten una gran confianza y seguridad. Ya estoy pensando en volver a la Isla, para poder repetir con este gran equipo como es; IJump!! Muy,muy recomendable!! Un saludo desde Asturias
Raquel Ochoa Tamargo
Raquel Ochoa Tamargo
What an experience! The team is very well organized and the instructors are highly professional. They'll ensure a great atmosphere from beginning to end. Very sympathetic team :) The jump location above the dunes is great and has nice views... I felt safe at all times and can highly recommend this jump to everyone!
Supeeeeeer awesome experience! View is incredible and super happy i did it with them :))))
Martin Georgiev
Martin Georgiev
Amazing experience, super safe! Super fast with photos and video sharing.
Andreea J
Andreea J
Bin 2 mal mit euch gesprungen. Es war super. Tolles Team, tolle Ausstattung. Ihr habt mein volles Vertrauen. Danke. Ich komme wieder.
Helmut Steinberger
Helmut Steinberger
Amazing experience and incredible crew. I want to jump again NOW !
Valentino Pasquale
Valentino Pasquale

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