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Give a Skydive

With a Tandem Skydive Gift Card, you are giving an unforgettable experience, a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime.
Skydiving is one of the best gift ideas, especially when it’s for those who are looking for new sensations and experiences. They will absolutely love it!

Why is skydiving in Gran Canaria the perfect gift idea?

Enjoying the majestic views of the coastline, beaches and mountains of Gran Canaria while climbing to the jumping height is just the beginning of this original present and incredible adventure. The unique feeling of free fall is beyond words.

Flying peacefully on the parachute while still being full of adrenaline stands in perfect balance to the ultimate thrill of falling at more than 200 km / h towards the earth, just before softly landing directly on the spectacular Maspalomas Dunes.

Gran Canaria is a great location to experience skydiving. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to give that important person a gift they will never forget.

Visit Gran Canaria and see the world in a different way. The island is not like any other, it is a paradise to explore and discover in all its facets.

If you have already sunbathed on the wonderful beaches such as Playa del Inglés or San Agustín, visited natural monuments such as Roque Nublo or the Los Tilos de Moya reserve or taken a walk through Puerto de Mogán, it is time to enjoy the island from a totally different perspective.

Gifting original experiences in Gran Canaria is pretty easy, the island gives us a thousand opportunities to do so. A tandem skydive with iJump is just that: a unique, different, original and absolutely fun gift.

What better feeling than marvelling at the spectacular scenery of Gran Canaria and beyond while climbing up to the designated jump height! Unforgettable impressions and emotions mingle with awe for the beauty of the island seeing it placidly bathed by the ocean.

Those seconds just before jumping out, a truly special moment for the person who receives this extraordinary gift. The heart pounding, goosebumps all over the skin from all the intense emotions, super alert to everything that happens before launching out the door into this amazing, indescribable experience of free falling at 200 km /h.

If there is something we love about iJump, it is making each day a truly different experience. Skydiving reconnects us with life and gives us purpose in this world.

Through our tandem passengers, we experience their exhilaration of challenging themselves to do something new for the first time, something as daring as jumping out of a plane.

Nothing is more gratifying than seeing that mix of wonder and happiness of those who come tandem skydiving with us. By gifting this extraordinary adventure, you are presenting that unique moment of intense emotions that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Without a doubt, when visiting Gran Canaria, from the moment you arrive on the island you will find an abundance of activities to present to a loved one, all of them absolutely incredible experiences. Gifting a Tandem Skydive will complement the island visit with an especially original and outstanding experience!

Add that something extra to a trip that you thought would be great and that, with a  Tandem Skydive, will magically transform into something even greater.

Tarjetas de regalo

Make a very special gift to a very special someone!


*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg an additional charge of 50€ incurs.


*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg an additional charge of 50€ incurs.

Gift card Tandem Skydive with Video AND Photos

*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg an additional charge of 50€ incurs.

Gift card Tandem Skydive with Video OR Photos

*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg an additional charge of 50€ incurs.

Live a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

What does the Tandem Skydive gift card include?

There are two options. With our Gift Card for 1 full Tandem Skydive you are giving a full tandem skydive experience. Besides a full tandem skydive gift card, you can also opt for our 100 value gift card

Gift a Tandem Skydive

Our Tandem Skydiving experience will leave your special someone speechless.

You are making a unique present by giving experiences which encourage someone to break the barriers of fear and the unknown.

Before boarding the plane we will do a small briefing in which we will teach the body positions for the exit, free fall and landing. There is nothing to worry about though. The person will be connected to an expert skydiving instructor with a special harness. The most important thing they will have to think about is to enjoy and relax while observing the beautiful landscape of Gran Canaria from above. Once in the air, all fears disappear.

Add one of our video and photos packages to the Full Tandem Skydive Gift Card so that your special someone can keep a memory of this experience forever, being able to relive it and share it with loved ones.

We will record your experience with the latest technology cameras

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Important information about doing a Skydive

  • The arrival time must be at the agreed booking time, where the registration forms will be filled out. The check-in time could change for weather or air traffic delays, for this reason, it is important to leave the day free without time constrains.
  • We will record the entire experience for you! Our team offers you packages of videos and photos so that the special person can keep a memory of this experience forever, being able to relive it and share it with loved ones. You can add one of our digital packages to the full tandem skydive gift card.
  • After landing: Once back on the ground, the equipment has to be returned to our team and our team will give out a certificate. The photos and / or video will be sent by email.
  • It is important to get enough sleep before the skydive and to be well rested for this incredible experience. It is prohibited to consume any drugs or alcohol within the previous eight hours of the jump. It is prohibited to scuba dive within the previous 24 hours of the jump.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and not impair mobility or blow away with the wind. It is a good idea to also bring some warm clothes as the temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees lower at height than at sea level.

Are you just arriving on the island and taking the plunge right away? You will get a great overview of Gran Canaria’s stunning landscapes before you explore this paradisiacal island from the ground, discovering each place you visit to look very different than from the sky.

Is your island vacation about to end? What better way to say goodbye than with a memorable experience, such as a tandem skydive!

Reflect on the time spent on this beautiful piece of earth, look at it from above and write down all the places you missed to explore for your next visit.

With a Tandem Skydive Gift Card from iJump you are giving your loved ones the opportunity to get closer to this beautiful and exclusive paradise that the Canary Islands have to offer.

At iJump we assure you guaranteed fun and excellent customer service from the first moment of contact. As soon as you arrive at our office you will feel the great atmosphere and from check-in to gear-up and briefing we will prepare you little by little for your big moment.

If you were looking for new and authentic experiences to present, why not think of a Tandem Skydive with iJump!

This is the perfect gift for a friend who is about to get married, a family member who is visiting the island for the first time or to experience and share  this fantastic adventure together with your partner.

By gifting experiences of this type, you dare your loved ones to overcome personal challenges. Fear and uncertainty are left behind and replaced by a beautiful memory of your gift, an original and unexpected life experience.

That is the gift people receive when doing their tandem skydive with us: to face their fears and overcome their limits and challenges.

Flying and free falling above the spectacular island of Gran Canaria is a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime and it is a wonderful reminder to live intensely.

We want to share our passion for skydiving with everyone who is willing to take the plunge.

Rest assured that you are gifting such an important moment safely. With a skydive gift card from iJump you are not only guaranteed professional instructors and the latest technology equipment but also the most original present.

Our team knows what they are doing and they enjoy every flight. We will be delighted to share this unique experience. Would you like to give someone special the greatest adventure? Have a look on our website for prices and a lot of info about Tandem Skydiving.

Make dreams come true for a special someone with our Tandem Skydive Gift Card. Open dated for two years the lucky recipient can choose their perfect day to go skydiving. They can book their appointment here on our website or over the phone. It is very simple and easy.

Happy gifting!

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