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Hiking through Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a true natural paradise. Besides its marvellous beaches, the island has other areas where the beauty of nature is combined with the wonderful opportunity to do a variety of activities and excursions. One of the adventures we recommend is hiking through Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria, a perfect setting to make you fall in love with our island.

At iJump we love outdoor sports and we love to share experiences. So this blog post, in which we explain all about this incredible hike through Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria, is for you to discover the most splendid places on our beautiful island.

Gran Canaria’s Los Azulejos Hike: La Fuente de los Azulejos

Taking the road that connects Puerto de Mogán with La Aldea de San Nicolás, we reach the G-200 junction, where we can begin to appreciate this beautiful mountain range on the island: La Fuente de los Azulejos. But what is this place and what makes it so special? Here we explain the reasons why.

La Fuente de Los Azulejos is a series of mountains that attract attention through a rock pattern of multicoloured stripes. Originated in a completely natural way this striped pattern developed through the alternation of different types of stone, among which green clay stands out.

As the Canary Islands are of volcanic origin this type of peculiarity is not uncommon, however, La Fuente de Los Azulejos is one of the highlights due to its variety of colours.

How to best explore the area Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria?

Even though you can appreciate the beauty of the landscape and its rock formations by enjoying a costal drive we recommend to explore this place much further. Hiking is a fantastic activity in this area!

For those who love walks in natural surroundings, the hike through Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria will be a treat for the eyes, the body and the soul, as it is one of the most rewarding excursions.

One of the most famous hiking routes of the Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria is a circular track. Although it should be noted that this route is an approximately 16 kilometres walk of an advanced level, this beautiful path takes you through Los Azulejos as well as through the Inagua Integral Nature Reserve.

One thing to bear in mind, as the authorities are seeking to safeguard the area as much as possible you must have an administrative authorisation to hike through the Inagua Reserve which can be obtained in person or online from the Cabildo offices.


Duration and starting point of the hike: Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria

The hike of Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria can take between 6 and 8 hours, although it will depend on your pace and whether you take it as a quiet and relaxed walk to appreciate the wonderful views or as physical challenge with more of a fitness and training motive.

We recommend to start the hike from Degollada de la Aldea following the path towards Montaña de Viso. The path begins gently with little gradient, although it will gradually ascend. At this point it is almost obligatory to make a stop to appreciate the Montaña de Hogarzales, Lobas and Aldea de San Nicolás itself.

After the first part of the way you reach Cruz del Viso, from here you can see La Aldea, but you also have a stunning view of Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga.

Continuing the path of Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria which is now heading towards Inagua, you’ll climb further up From Cruz del Viso and enter the pine forest. Here the route looks similar to where you begun the hike but you will have wonderful views of Güigüí, the Tasarte ravine and, finally, the Veneguera ravine.

After this ascent, the way down to the Aula de Naturaleza de Inagua begins. Further on, you will cross the Barranco de la Manta to arrive once again at the Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria Route. It should be noted that at this point the descent is rather steep and winding, so caution is essential. 

The view that awaits you at the end of the hike will allow you to fully enjoy this geological spectacle and it will make it worth all the effort you have put in.

Final recommendations for the Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria Hike

It is essential to take into account a series of recommendations before starting the hike through Los Azulejos de Gran Canaria:

  • It is vitally important to have supplies of food and water.
  • Bring the appropriate protection, such as sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.
  • Wear comfortable and sporty clothes.

Getting to know Gran Canaria in its entirety is so much fun as this island has so much to offer. That’s why we from iJump fancy recommending numerous excursions such as this hike through Los Azulejos and great activities such as tandem skydiving =) Enjoy all the adventures that this island has in store for you!

Make the most out of your stay in Gran Canaria and let yourself be carried away by our multifaceted, spectacular island!



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