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Skydive over Gran Canaria: a unique experience!

Life is fun! Skydive in Gran Canaria with the best and let iJump take you on the unique adventure of jumping out of an aircraft over this paradisiacal island. 

An exhilarating free fall at over 200 km / h is followed by a peaceful parachute flight over Playa del Inglés before landing safely on the famous Maspalomas Dunes. Marvel at the spectacular views of the ocean, islands, mountains, beaches and dunes on the way up to height and all the way back to earth. 

Conquer your fears, fulfil your dreams, live an exciting adventure – enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

We will record your experience with the latest technology cameras

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Discover Gran Canaria like never before

Skydive with us and enjoy a unique experience!


We love jumping out of planes and we want to share our passion with the world!

It is truly amazing to witness the vivid transformation of a person who skydives for the first time, a daily reminder of why we do what we do as we all remember our first jump.

For us, this was a life changing moment and the beginning of many adventures which ultimately led to the creation of iJump as our desire to share our passion grew.

Welcoming first timers and return guests, we at iJUMP GRAN CANARIA are thrilled to share such a special and personal moment with you and we are committed to give you one of the best experiences of your lifetime.

We pride ourselves of having the most professional team and safety standards, operating with highly experienced staff who are proficient and passionate about what they do.

Dedicated to excellence and enthusiastic to share their passion, our team will warmly welcome you into the unique world of skydiving. A world which is filled with a vibrant energy of adventure, excitement and happiness. This is a lifestyle and our motto speaks for itself:

Life is fun!

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iJump’s negotiations and establishing itself as a tandem skydive company are located around 2018. Since August 2020 ijump has been fully operational.

Leo Magno, of Italian origins but born in Argentina, is the founder of iJump. His experience in the field goes back almost 18 years, when he started his professional skydiving career in New Zealand.

The company has approximately 12 people in its team, including customer service staff, pilots and instructors. All of them are passionate about doing a quality job in a challenging and super fun industry.

unique experience of jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet (3,300 metres above sea level) together with a highly trained instructor who will accompany you throughout the entire thrilling flight, free falling at 200 km/h and descending on the parachute until safely landing on the soft sands of Playa del Inglés.

All this in a fun, relaxed and, above all, safe way. An extraordinary life experience while marvelling at the breathtaking island views.

All our staff, both pilots and tandem instructors, have extensive experience in the skydiving industry. Years of practice give our customers confidence and security in the activity.

Remember that an instructor can make up to 12 jumps per day in the busiest season so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands! Your enjoyment of the skydive experience is of vital importance for our whole team.

In addition to individual and group jumps for the simple fact of having a great time in Gran Canaria, iJump offers some pretty cool skydiving packages for special occasions:

All jumps have their own particularities that make the experience a unique moment to remember forever. The packages offered include excellent prices for groups and the marriage proposal package includes everything you need for proposing to your one and only in the most extraordinary way.

There is always a tandem skydive briefing where the whole process is explained, how the body should be positioned for a comfortable and safe exit as well as free fall and what will happen once the parachute opens and what to do upon landing.

So, even if you have already done a previous skydive, a refresher is necessary to comply with the strict service and safety protocol before the jump.

iJump is located at the shop No2 Anexo 2 Playa del Ingles, 35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria – Spain.

Getting to iJump’s check-in location is easy as it is located very central in a well known tourist location. It is in a walkable distance from many hotels and only a short taxi ride away from other close by tourist destinations like Maspalomas, Meloneras or San Augustin.

All you have to do is contact us and our staff will help you through the reservation process according to your needs: alone, as a couple, in a group or to celebrate a special occasion. You will receive all the needed information digitally along with instructions and recommendations.

In addition to our website, we recommend checking our social networks and YouTube channel to see iJump in action. To get an idea of our work and experience, we invite you to watch the videos of some of our customer’s tandem jumps.

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Begin your journey into the world of skydiving with the best. Our team of expert skydivers will ensure to give you the greatest adventure of your life.

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