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Do you want to try something new? Looking for that adrenaline rush? We at iJump know exactly what you mean.

Skydiving is an experience that will enrich your life like no other so we encourage you to take the plunge and find out what free fall feels like. However, first of all, we want to answer the following question: what is the price of skydiving?

We truly believe that at its core the unique experience that skydiving brings you is priceless.

Of course, we will tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision before taking the leap.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

How much does a tandem parachute jump cost?

Jumping out of an aircraft is an extraordinary experience. We understand that you want to feel well prepared before launching yourself into the air. The price of skydiving is most likely one of the first things you want to have cleared up.

You might wonder why we talk about the price of tandem skydiving? The chances are, if it is your first time jumping out of a plane, you will do this type of skydive. During the jump you will be connected to one of our professional tandem instructors with a special harness just designed for that.

That way you can live the same emotions as a skilled skydiver, but without the need of any previous skydiving experience. Can you imagine jumping, touching the sky with your fingers and feeling the incredible freedom of flying with your body?

So how much does it cost to go skydiving? At iJump we offer this experience for about 240€. But we have frequent sales throughout the year so keep an eye out for those!

What if you want to do your skydive for a special occasion? Are there special offers for those cases? Of course! With us you can celebrate your birthday and your bachelor party in a very extraordinary way. You want to ask your love THE big question? Do it in style with our unique marriage proposal offer.

What does the price of the tandem parachute jump include?

What is included in the price of tandem skydiving? We take care of everything. This includes the jumping equipment and the training that you will undergo before the jump.

On the way to height you will enjoy a scenic flight of the beautiful Canarian coast which is then followed by the rush of a 30 to 40 seconds long free fall over the magnificent Maspalomas Dunes. To finish you will soar through the sky flying for 5-8 minutes on the parachute, further taking in the majestic views of Gran Canaria.

Complementary options in addition to the price of parachuting

Ok, you have the equipment, you have the instructor that will look after you during the experience, but… you do need something else, right? Wouldn’t you want to take this moment with you forever?

In addition to the price of the tandem skydive, you should consider booking one of our video and photo packages to keep this unique experience forever with you. Just imagine your facial expression while jumping from a height of more than 3000 meters and racing towards the earth at more than 200 km/h. Watch it any time and throw yourself back into that special moment.

The prices vary depending the package you choose while the various options become more extensive and complete.

We offer everything from packages with about 50 to 100 photos together with an edited 3 to 5 minute long video to the possibility of being recorded from all angles with a total of 200 images in high definition.

Share this unique moment with your family and friends. Let your loved ones be part of your amazing experience and show them your free fall face =D

What can you expect from your skydiving experience in Gran Canaria?

By doing some calculations you will know more or less what the prices of skydiving with us are. Of course, we understand that it is important to feel 100% confident about making such a decision and we want you to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Many are curious what to expect on the day of the skydive. There can be so many doubts before doing our first jump!

First let’s get ready

First you come to our office, which will serve as a meeting point. At the front desk you will need to register and fill out some forms before starting the preparations to take the leap.

This is when the nerves begin to appear if they didn’t yet.

The moment is getting closer and closer! But there is nothing to worry about, the nervous excitement is part of the adventure and our team will be with you all the time doing whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. The most important thing is that you enjoy this experience.

It is getting very close.

You will receive a short briefing that will prepare you for the jump. You are almost ready, but first you have to know what to do once in the air. We are very good in calming nerves and we will resolve all your doubts, so dont worry=)

Once everything is ready, you will meet your Tandem instructor, and we will begin to record your experience.

Now is the time to jump.

In a short time we will climb to the desired height and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Forget your worries and let yourself go. It’s your moment.

Sounds great right? Come with us on the most incredible adventure, we deeply appreciate being part of an experience as unique as this.

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about all the prices or any other things you might want to know. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your skydive in Gran Canaria with us.

Make your holidays on the Canary Islands exciting by having this unforgettable experience with iJump or give an amazing present for someone you love.

iJump is looking forward to welcome you into the world of skydiving!


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