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How to get around Gran Canaria: the key to not missing anything

Visiting Gran Canaria is a wonderful experience. However, in order to get the most out of your trip, there are a few tips and things to bear in mind, such as how to get around Gran Canaria most effectively.

We at iJump want to help you enjoy the island as much as possible. For this reason, we compiled a post for you to know the best ways to get around Gran Canaria without complications.

If you are planning to come to the island soon, get a pen and paper to write down all the tips we are going to give you below so you can plan your trip in detail.

Ready to discover how to get around Gran Canaria in the most effective way? Want to find out what our favourite option is? Read on!

The best way to get around Gran Canaria

There are many ways to get around Gran Canaria and all of them have their perks. Deciding between one or the other will ultimately depend on your preferences and needs.

In order to choose the best way to get around Gran Canaria, we recommend that you take into account certain aspects such as: the route you want to take, your budget, the time you have available, how many people you are travelling with (especially if you are travelling with children or elderly people), etc.

In any case, the list of transport options on the island is extensive. Below we detail each option, highlighting the advantages and characteristics of each service so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Rent a car

Renting a car to get around Gran Canaria is one of the favourite options for tourists as there are many obvious advantages that this form of transport offers.

One of the most important advantages is the ease and freedom of movement it provides. Having a car to travel around the island means you don’t have to rely on pre-established routes, waiting times, etc.

There are many car hire companies in Gran Canaria. Some of them you can find conveniently at the airport, getting your car as soon as you set foot on the island.

These services are usually not too expensive and if you are travelling with your family and children, it is probably worth the investment. Here are some important aspects that can help you save money on your booking and choose the best option:

  • If you’re going to be driving a lot, chose an unlimited mileage options so you don’t have to pay an additional fee for going over the company’s mileage limit.
  • Consider the option of adding a second driver if you are travelling with family or friends. That way, if you’re too tired, someone else can drive while you rest on the way.
  • Check out the insurance options so that you are covered for any unforeseen event on the road.
  • Check the boot capacity. This is especially important if you are travelling with children and need to pack a lot of things: umbrellas, cool boxes, pushchairs, etc. The comfort that a large boot will provide you with will be a fundamental detail that you will be grateful for in the long run.


If you are a lover of mountain routes and winding roads and enjoy the breeze while riding through natural landscapes, a motorbike is probably your preferred choice.

As with car hiring services, there are many motorbike renting companies in Gran Canaria. Also, you won’t have to worry too much about the petrol or fuel you spend as the price is lower in Gran Canaria than in most Spanish cities.

Another great advantage of getting around Gran Canaria by motorbike is that busy traffic won’t be an issue and finding parking will be much easier, even if the area you are visiting is very crowded. This way, you can save a lot of time and make the most out of your holiday.

Public transport: the buses

Guaguas (the name given to buses in the Canary Islands) are an excellent option if you want to save money and don’t mind spending some time on transfers from one place to another.

Buses are the only public transport in Gran Canaria as there is no train network on the island at present. However, there are a number of bus routes that will allow you to reach almost any point on Gran Canaria.

If you need to travel long distances, you will have to take a Global bus (recognisable by their blue colour). If, on the other hand, you need to travel within Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you will have to take the buses run by Guaguas municipales (yellow).

The routes may be somewhat longer and you will need more time to make the journeys than if you were in a private vehicle, but traveling by bus will allow you to see a great deal of scenery and you might discover new places that you would have missed if you took a direct route.

Organised excursions

Booking organised excursions is another popular option tourists choose to get around Gran Canaria allowing them to explore the island and discover new places while enjoying exciting activities.

These excursions usually include transport from the hotel or a central meeting point to the location and back, so you don’t have to worry about additional travel.

Our favourite option: moving through the sky with a parachute directly over Gran Canaria 😉

There are undoubtedly many ways to get around this beautiful island, but as great adventure lovers, we at iJump recommend that you take the opportunity to fly through the skies of Gran Canaria seeing the landscapes from above and enjoying the magnificent views.

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