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How to get to Isla de Lobos from Gran Canaria?

To the northeast of Fuerteventura we find Isla de Lobos – the “Island of Wolves”. This mini-paradise is a must-see for those who are actually on the island of Fuerteventura or even Lanzarote. But, if you are wondering how to get to Isla de Lobos from Gran Canaria or how to get there in general, read on this article prepared by iJump .

Discover a little more about Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos is a small island with a surface of six square kilometres comprising a natural and ecological reserve. This Canarian jewel is one of the most loved and protected spaces of the archipelago.

To preserve this islet as much as possible daily visits are restricted and it is prohibited to spend the night beyond the established schedule.

Lobos also has a very interesting historical past. Its name “Island of Wolves” is derived from the colony of sea lions that once occupied part of the island and were exterminated by colonisers in the 15th century.

But before these colonisers, Lobos encountered another civilisation. According to archaeological remains, Romans came to inhabit the island at some point.

It is also known that at one time it was a refuge for pirates and even Normans. However, the rough and dry terrain meant that the island was not very attractive for settlement, hence its landscape continues to be almost intact to this day.


Although at some point there was interest in urbanising the island, thanks to the construction of the lighthouse, these projects did not prosper. By 2009, the Canary Island Network of Protected Spaces gave Isla de Lobos its nature reserve status as part of the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve.

Applying for a permit to visit Isla de Lobos

To visit Isla de Lobos it is necessary to apply for a permit. Only 400 people a day are permitted to take the trip to this protected islet, exploring the area. Among other activities that we will talk about soon you can visit the Martiño Lighthouse.

For those interested in visiting the island, it is necessary to apply for a free pass in advance on the official website. LobosPass allows you to submit the application 5 days before taking the trip and select your preferred visiting time.

Once your request is approved, you will receive the pass by email. The website also asks visitors to notify them in case of not making the visit.

This allows other people who would like to enjoy an excursion to Isla de Lobos to take the trip instead. It is important to point out that this pass guarantees you access and staying on the island for the indicated time, but does not offer transportation.

So how to get to Isla de Lobos from various starting points, such as Gran Canaria, for example, we will showcase in the following.


Discover how to get from Gran Canaria to Isla de Lobos

Are you enjoying all the wonders that the island Gran Canaria has to offer? Yes?! Have you already strolled around the coastal towns such as Mogán, taken a tour through Maspalomas, hiked up to Roque Nublo or even done a Tandem Skydive with iJump?

Exploring the other islands of the archipelago can also be part of your Gran Canaria adventure.

Fortunately, from Gran Canaria you can get to Fuerteventura in several ways. The main and most beautiful is by ferry. Normally, there are three daily schedules to connect both islands and the express trip does not take more than 3 hours.

Once in Fuerteventura you will need to get to Corralejo to catch another ferry to Isla de Lobos, this one however with a journey of just 15 minutes. If it is high season, we recommend to make a reservation in advance.

There are other means to get to the islet, such as private boats or barges and even sailboats, kayaks and water taxis that will take you to the port of Lobos. When in the Corralejo area you will find there are plenty of options to choose from.

For those who are in Lanzarote it is also very easy to get to Isla de Lobos, given the proximity of the islands. From Playa Blanca there are several ways of transportation, for example by speedboat to name only one.

The best thing about this journey is the possibility to be accompanied by several dolphins on the way.

What to do on Lobos Island?

For those who love the most simple contact with nature, the trip to Isla de Lobos is ideal. You won’t find tourist displays of any kind, there is hardly a beach bar where you can eat. However, this is not limiting to how much fun you can have in Lobos.


For those taking the trip to the small island, following activities will make it a pleasant memory for a lifetime: swimming in the crystal clear waters, snorkelling and admiring the aquatic fauna of the area.

Once you are on land, there is more to explore: have a walk around the island and take a tour of the visitor center to learn a little more about its history.

Hiking around the islet has many surprises in store for you, especially if you follow the circular route that takes you to the La Caldera volcano, the Punta Martino lighthouse and from there to the port.

Remember that your visit to Isla de Lobos is restricted to 4 hours so planning your stay well is the best way to fully enjoy the excursion.

Once you return to Corralejo the possibilities are endless. Will you stay in Fuerteventura to explore what else the island has in store for you? Or will you return to Gran Canaria for other fun adventures? Whatever your plans, be sure to include iJump in them, as the incomparable experience of free falling over beautiful Gran Canaria will be one of the best things you do on your trip to the Canary Islands.


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