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How to skydive and not die trying

Doing the first skydive is an exciting experience. The adrenaline, the heartbeat when you jump and the euphoria that you feel in free fall. Leaving your worries on the ground and forgetting about them. These are all emotions that you will want to relive. But first we must know how to skydive for the first time.

And we don’t want you to feel worried about anything when it comes to experiencing your first skydive. In this post we give you our best tips so you can fully enjoy this incredible experience.

1, 2, 3… let’s go!

Do you need prior knowledge to jump?

No. Thanks to tandem jumping, the experience of skydiving is now within everyone’s reach. Since you will be accompanied by an instructor throughout the entire experience, you don’t need previous knowledge about how to free fall, neither do you have to be in a certain physical condition.

A special harness that connects you to the instructor, makes this possible. Your tandem instructor will be in charge of keeping everything under control. You just need to pay attention to their advice and follow their instructions.

Before getting on the plane we will give you a briefing on how to skydive so you can successfully and confidently do your first jump. Our instructors have done thousands of jumps, providing them with extensive experience and knowledge about everything they need to know to skydive with the utmost safety. We want you to only think about enjoying yourself to the fullest!

What to do if you are afraid of heights

If high altitudes scare you, you might be surprised to learn that you are not the first person with a fear of heights who skydived with iJump. Even some of our instructors have been through overcoming their fear of heights before dedicating their lives to the skydiving world. It is totally normal.

Therefore, we encourage you to not let your fear stop you to experience something as unique as skydiving. The best way to overcome fear is to face it. When jumping, you will not only feel the enormous satisfaction of having left your fears behind, skydiving has the added bonus of releasing a great amount of dopamine, your happiness hormone. Don’t worry be happy!

Prepare in advance for your tandem jump

To make sure everything goes smoothly and to avoid any disappointments, we recommend that you prepare in advance:

Make sure you don’t plan to party or drink alcohol the day before your jump. Also, do not scuba-dive within 24 hours before skydiving. Both are reasons for canceling the jump as those two conditions are legal requirements and can jeopardise your safety.

If you are planning to do your skydive while on holidays, don’t forget to pack suitable clothing for it in your travel bag. It should be comfortable, tight-fitting sportswear which you also wouldn’t mind getting stained or torn. Since the temperature at the height of the jump can be up to 15 degrees lower than on land, it is also a good idea to bring a warm layer with you just in case.

We only jump when you are ready

Thinking about skydiving, being miles off the ground… it is normal for you to feel overwhelmed or nervous. However, the most important thing we want you to remember is that skydiving is completely safe and that there have been very few accidents since the first jump was made in 1797.

Our gear goes through a safety check before and after each jump and we will provide you with all the equipment needed to skydive safely.

Also, we don’t want you to feel obligated to jump. You will always have the option to land back on the aircraft with your instructor. We will encourage you to give it a chance, to leave all your worries behind but we will never force you.

When it’s time to jump and you are ready, just breathe deeply and enjoy the epic feeling of being on top of the world.

We hope that this post has helped you and that your desire to try this experience has grown. If you want to know more about how to prepare for your next jump, visit our blog where you will find content such as the following:


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