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Landscapes of Gran Canaria: what you can see from above while tandem skydiving

If there is one thing that surprises visitors to Gran Canaria, it is the variety and charm of the island’s unique landscape. One of the great advantages is that you can enjoy it in many ways: hiking tours, water trips and, the most special of all, by air with a tandem jump.

Haven’t you considered tandem skydiving as part of your next holiday activities yet? If not then it’s time for a real Canarian adventure! Marvel at the magical landscape of Gran Canaria that you will see while flying to cloud nine and doing your tandem jump.

Ready to view the island’s charm from above? Then let’s find out what you can see from the sky on your next tandem skydive with iJump.

Skydive to fall in love with the southern tip of Gran Canaria

If you want to get to know San Bartolomé de Tirajana, tandem skydiving allows you to do it  in style. This very special area of the island offers you an incredible urban, cultural and natural spectacle that is worth seeing from different angles.

Start or complete your visit to the area with a bird’s eye view. And the best way to do this is by doing a tandem skydive where you can enjoy the following wonders:

The Infinity of the Atlantic Ocean

An unforgettable postcard view? The magnificent Atlantic Ocean, framing Gran Canaria, offers a vastness of blue to all those who visit this beautiful island. From take off to landing, the view of the infinite water merging with the horizon is absolutely mind blowing and emotionally moving.

As well as being the backdrop when you are in the plane, it is also one of the first sights you see when exiting, while free falling as well flying on the parachute.

If you’re looking for a sense of true freedom, a connection with nature and that magical spark that life has to offer, an aerial view of the endless Atlantic is precisely what you should be aiming for. Something you will surely appreciate from the sky on your next tandem jump.

The Dunes of Maspalomas

If just the sight of the ocean makes you feel overwhelmed with multiple emotions on your skydive experience, another landscape of Gran Canaria that will leave you speechless is the one offered by Maspalomas. More precisely its Nature Reserve – The Dunes of Maspalomas.

One of the wonders you will find when you visit Maspalomas are the exotic dunes that make you feel like you are somewhere in the Sahara. The magnitude of the landscape, the diversity of birds and their particular ecosystem, seeing them from above while experiencing the rush of a tandem skydive is a spectacle that will leave you in awe.

Maspalomas Lighthouse

Let’s add another special sight to the above view that can be appreciated while you free fall at 200 km/h. The Maspalomas Lighthouse is one of the icons that you can’t miss when you are on holiday in the area.

From high up in the sky, while tandem skydiving, you won’t be able to appreciate the lighthouse in all its splendour, however, it is a beautiful sight that adds to the scenery.

Meloneras Promenade

If there’s one visit you must include in your holiday plans, it’s to the beautiful Meloneras Promenade, which you can also see from end to end while doing your tandem jump.

To complete your tandem skydive experience you should plan what to do for the rest of the afternoon or evening. What about having a stroll along this spectacular promenade full of different cafés, restaurants and other bars that give it life, enjoying the delights of the Atlantic, the interesting culture and history of the area as well as, of course, the delight of shopping in its boutiques and mall.


Playa del Inglés

If we are talking about the most beautiful landscapes in Gran Canaria, which you can enjoy not only during your tandem jump but, no joke, immediately afterwards, then without a doubt it is Playa del Inglés.

This is the place that will welcome you after your tandem jump, during which you will have the best view of this breathtaking holiday destination.

What better setting to give a 5 star finish to your tandem skydive? Whether it’s the first of your life or you’re repeating the experience, arriving at the wide and very fun Playa del Inglés will be a special, unique and truly satisfying moment.


Already from above you can get an overview of this fun destination that has a lot to offer you once you land with your skydiving instructor:

  • Speedboat ride.
  • Parasailing.
  • Shops to bring back those little knick-knacks and souvenirs of your trip.
  • And best of all, an excellent , pubs and other places that will welcome you to savour that spectacular skydive that you have just experienced.

And if you are with friends, your partner or family, it will be amazing to remember the moment together, share impressions and, why not, plan another skydive day on your next visit to the island.

Because that is exactly what this experience will cause in you, a delicious addiction to adrenaline, to adventure and, above all, to seeing the landscapes of Gran Canaria from a unique perspective.

Don’t forget, just as every jump is different, every view you have of the island on your skydive will be different. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful and entertaining moments of the island await you at iJump. Because only we offer this unique experience of a tandem jump in the entire Canary Islands.


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