A Unique Proposal

Marriage Proposal

Looking for an extraordinary way to ask THE big question? Take your partner on a butterfly-bellyride and free fall together through cloud nine!

  • People: 2
  • Place: Playa del Inglés
  • Price: 950€
  • Time: 70 min aprox

What’s included?

  • 2 Tandem Jumps

  • 2 Handcam Video & Photos

  • A large ‘WOULD YOU MARRY ME?’ banner

  • A bouquet of flowers

  • A little something to make a toast to celebrate!

*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg an additional charge of 50€ incurs.

A life changing moment!

Love is in the air

With our special Marriage Proposal package you two will go on the magnificent adventure of Tandem Skydiving over the vast Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria.

Of course we are capturing everything on cameras for you to have a remembrance of this magical day.

Don’t worry, we are taking care of all the details so you can relax and fully enjoy this special event with your beloved one.

We will record your experience with the latest technology cameras

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Frequently Asked Questions: Marriage Proposal Tandem Jump

Looking for a different kind of marriage proposal? For this very important question the perfect time and place is crucial. At iJump, we are positive that our Tandem Skydive Marriage Proposal Package is one of the most daring and original marriage proposal ideas.

If this is not extraordinarily extreme, we don’t know what is!

What is a Marriage Proposal Tandem Jump?

It’s a perfectly coordinated activity with iJump where you can propose to your special someone for marriage right after the thrilling free fall and parachute flight.

You will take the love of your life on a rollercoaster of emotions, both of you will never forget.

How does iJump help me to make my extraordinary Marriage Proposal?

At iJump, our team will coordinate with you all the details for that unique marriage proposal.

  • A very romantic banner with the big question: Will you marry me?
  • The beautiful bouquet of flowers that seals the proposal
  • Capturing every detail on this special occasion with HD cameras
  • A unique moment with your family and friends where you will share the most charming toast of all
  • The wonderful island views

Can I have a recording and photos of my Tandem Skydive Marriage Proposal?

Absolutely! Remember that with the purchase of the Tandem Skydive Marriage Proposal Package you will have HD videos and photos included, that will capture every stage of your skydive experience and the moment of the big question. Plus your special toast with your partner and loved ones on the ground.

Is it safe to do a Marriage Proposal Tandem Skydive?

With iJump, your unique marriage proposal tandem skydive is super safe. We have the latest technology equipment and expert instructors who will make sure you will enjoy a secure, fun and exciting skydive experience.

Moreover, we assure you that our entire team will know how to keep the secret and your special someone will have no idea what you are about to do. At iJump we will be very honoured to share the beginning of the most special adventure of your life with you and your partner!

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