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Pico de las Nieves: How to get there and what does it take to go up?

When talking about special places to visit in Gran Canaria, Pico de las Nieves is definitely the destination for passionate hikers, as the lookout offers one of the most stunning views of the island.

This natural beauty, located in the heart of Gran Canaria rises almost 2,000 meters above sea level and there are multiple ways leading up to the top, all highlighting different sights/landmarks along the way.

One option to get to Pico de las Nieves and the easiest, is driving there by car. However, there is nothing better for those hiking lovers than savouring the entire path and the stunning landscapes while walking.

With this post, we at iJump want to introduce you to the magnificent lookout at Pico de las Nieves which allows its visitors to enjoy the most breathtaking views. If you want to know more about it including how to get there – read on!

Hiking route: Vega de San Mateo – Pico de las Nieves

The hiking route from Vega de San Mateo to Pico de las Nieves is not that complicated. However the hike might require some determination as you cover a distance of 9,425 km on a trail that ascends and descends at a medium difficulty level.

What does it take to get to Pico de las Nieves?

Normally the hike lasts about 5-6 hours. Of course the hiking duration also depends on a series of factors, such as the route direction, weather, resting stops, whether you are walking alone or in a group, the physical fitness of the person, etc.

Considered a short distance trail, the starting point of this route, Alameda de Santa Ana, is located in Vega de San Mateo at an altitude of 833 meters and its end point is the Pico de las Nieves lookout at 1,949 meters.

It’s possible to do this hike any season of the year, however it is advisable to avoid rain, fog or strong winds as well as waiting a few days after heavy rainfalls.

The trail to reach Pico de las Nieves in Gran Canaria is well signposted and in good conditions.

How to get to Pico de las Nieves?

From the Alameda de Santa Ana, once you are in front of the San Mateo Church, walk along the street called “Calle Principal & Cifuentes”, also known as the “Camino Cuesta de los Majoreros”.

At the end of this street you will cross the road GC-41, continuing on the track “Cuatro Caminos”. When this track finishes turn right to go up a road to the junction that will take you to La Asomada.

Once in La Asomada, continue ascending the GC-414 road through the “Lomo de los Ingleses”, until you reach the relatively easy trail called “Lomo de Cuevas Altas” that leads to the well-known “Hoya de Gamonal”. Follow it until you reach “Fuente Fría”, where you will be located on the left side of the “Cañada de Siete Fuentes”.

At the “Cañada de Siete Fuentes” the most difficult section of the entire route begins, as you climb up a winding path from the “Lomito Blanco” farmhouse (1,545 meters) to the “Degollada de la Capellanía” (1,823 meters).

After the challenging ascend, the next part of the route gets easier again. Cross the GC-130 road and continue into the “Barranco de la Abejarilla” until you reach the “Pozo Grande”.

After about 60 metres, you will come across the GC-130 road once more and on the right hand side, about 200 meters away, you will find “Pozo de los Canónigos”.

At this point, you can choose between two options to reach the Pico de las Nieves viewpoint:

  1. Along a signposted trail to the left and parallel to the Military Station.
  2. Along a half kilo-meter stretch of road.


In short, a hike of medium level difficulty with some of the best views of the island Gran Canaria which we know you will love.

To whom would we recommend this hike? To all those people who love to take on new challenges and who would like to explore the island’s natural beauty while enjoying an adventure, just as they would on a tandem skydive.

Final recommendations for your visit to Pico de las Nieves

Some useful recommendations when planning your climb up to Pico de las Nieves are:

  • Check the weather before starting your hike.
  • Start the hike as early as possible to take advantage of the day and avoid the sun and heat when it’s at its strongest.
  • Bring enough water and something to eat.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, good hiking boots, sunglasses and a hat.

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