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Go to the front desk at your allocated time. Complete all the paperwork and remember your jump load number. Delays due to weather and air traffic conditions may occur so check with our friendly crew for an estimated landing time. Skydiving can be a half day activity.

Highly recommended, especially if it’s your first jump! Our video and photos packages are the perfect way to remember your skydive forever! They are also the best way to share the experience with your loved ones and to brag with your friends.

One of our crew will give you your jumping gear and a life jacket to wear on your skydive. Before boarding the aircraft you will be fitted with a harness and you will receive the training for the jump. Goggles will be provided to you a few minutes before exiting the aircraft. Be sure to listen to the instructions so you know what to do and don’t hesitate to ask our crew as many questions as you want – we are here to help!

Your tandem instructor will meet you and commence filming your video with a pre-jump interview. Smile for the camera =)

Just before reaching the jumping height, your instructor will perform all the last-minute adjustments and will let you know when it’s time to go skydiving! Smile, wave, scream at the camera and enjoy the ride. You will experience the amazing thrill of freefall for up to an insane 35-40 seconds, followed by a 5-7 minute canopy flight.

Return the provided jump gear to our crew. You will then receive your certificate. If you purchased a video and photos package, this will be sent to you by email the same day of your jump.

Come back with your friends and family to share this amazing experience!

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We want to see your freefall face, so make sure you share your pics and tag us on social media!

Get a good night’s sleep before your big jump as the epic adrenalin rush can be exhausting! You must not have consumed any drugs or alcohol within the eight hours preceding your skydive, and you should not scuba dive within 24 hours before skydiving.

Wear casual clothing, comfortable pants that are OK if they get a stain or rip. Avoid skirts, dresses or anything that flaps around. You should wear closed shoes that will not fall off in freefall. Most of the time it is 10 to 15 degrees colder at height than at ground level so bring a few thin layers to make sure you are nice and warm during your skydive.

Skydiving is a weather dependant activity, so arrive without time constraints. Keep your mobile on – we’ll contact you on the day of your reservation if weather conditions are unfavourable. You can call us on  +34 928 15 70 00, otherwise assume your jump is going ahead and you should arrive at your assigned check in time.

For more detailed information go to DAY SCHEDULE.

Recommended minimum age to skydive is 9 years. Parents / legal guardians approval is required for minors (under 18 years old). There is no maximum age limit, however reasonable fitness is required (medical certificate might be required depending on age, previous injuries and preexisting conditions).

Participants whose weight is above 90kg will be subject to a Tandem Instructor’s assessment to determine if their tandem skydive can be done. Weight limit is 105kg. Surcharges apply to participants who weigh 90kg and over.

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Yes, it is. The harness is left a little bit loose to allow movement when securing it to your instructor before you exit the plane. It will be tightened again before you exit.

Your instructor has your goggles. You will be told when and how to put them on just before it’s time to jump out.

It depends on the season, day of the week and of course, how many customers are booked in any given day. During the busy period, the instructor could do up to 12 jumps a day!

The golf balls are connected to the ripcord, this is what we pull to activate the opening of the main parachute.

On the very rare occasion that the main parachute doesn’t open completely or properly, your instructor will release that canopy and open the reserve parachute.

Instructors open their parachute at approximately 4.000 feet / 1200 meters.

They are just a safety precaution because of how close we are to the water. 

Never! Skydiving is an amazing experience and every time is a little bit different.

You are about to find out why we don’t get sick of jumping!

No, sorry. For safety reasons you cannot take your own camera or any other objects (phones, keys, etc).

Everything to do with aviation and skydiving is complex and expensive. Same as with airlines, many parts of the operational cost is affected by weight:

  1. Higher fuel cost.  The heavier the load, the more time it takes for the aircraft to climb and therefore it uses more fuel.
  2. Higher maintenance cost. More time flying means the aircraft has to be serviced more often, as the aircraft maintenance is performed based on flight time. Due to the heavier load on the skydiving equipment, it also requires additional maintenance.
  3. Higher labour cost. More weight means more work for our tandem instructors for which they receive appropriate remuneration.

We do our best to offer our jumps at the best possible price. To keep the majority of our jump prices as low as feasible, it’s necessary to cover the additional costs resulting from the higher weight.