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Birthday Specials!
Birthday Specials!

Birthday Skydive

Feel fabulous and celebrate an extraordinary birthday party with your friends and family in free fall!


What’s included?

*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg an additional charge of 50€ incurs. *Promotion not combinable with other discounts or promotions.


What’s included?

*The maximum weight is 105kg subject to evaluation. When the weight exceeds 90kg an additional charge of 50€ incurs.
*Promotion not combinable with other discounts or promotions.

Make your birthday extra special jumping out of a plane!

Celebrate your birthday with your loved ones!

Share the experience of tandem skydiving over the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful island of Gran Canaria with the people closest to you. The more the merrier!

The tandem skydive birthday special is our gift to you: with a group of four the whole group gets a discount of 30€ per person on their tandem skydive; and with a group of six the price of the tandem jump is only 259€ per person.

What a way to start a new year of life, jumping out of a plane, falling freely at more than 200km / h towards the earth and landing on the soft sand in the middle of the spectacular Maspalomas Dunes.

Maybe you are a friend or family member looking for an exceptional birthday surprise? Great idea! Pure joy + big smiles + excitement + adventure + the ultimate thrill = HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We will record your experience with the latest technology cameras

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Giving something different and special as a gift lets that loved one know that you appreciate them and know them very well. Have you already considered a tandem skydive among the ideas for birthday celebrations? No? Well, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to put this fun plan into action.

With a birthday skydive you can surprise your friend, family member or partner. During the activity you will ascend in a plane to the exit point and then jump out with the instructor falling at 200 km/h for a few adrenaline packed seconds. Once the parachute is open you will glide a few minutes peacefully through the sky until safely landing on the famous Maspalomas Dunes.

It is absolutely safe to do this activity. We have prior instructions for the participants, expert instructorssafe and quality equipment and a coordinated system so that the participants, especially the guest of honour, enjoy an original birthday.

There are two special packages, one for 4 people and one for 6 people. It is also possible to plan this unique birthday activity as a couple. Regardless of the number of people, the activity includes:

  • General 90-minute activity comprising:
    • Prior instruction
    • 30-40 seconds of free fall
    • Parachute flight of 5-7 minutes
  • Optional video and photos packages that we will send you via email.
  • The unique experience of a scenic flight, free fall and parachute ride with the views of one of the most spectacular landscapes of Gran Canaria: the dunes of Maspalomas.
  • Welcome to Playa del Inglés where you can celebrate a different kind of birthday at the beach, still buzzing from your skydiving experience.

Remember that in the Maspalomas area there is plenty to do to celebrate a special day. Complement your celebrations with the best gastronomic choice and you will have a day full of memories you will cherish forever.

And why not! It’s a truly unique activity, a way to celebrate life and challenging yourself to try something different, beginning a new year of life with excitement and big smiles.

It’s very easy, just contact us and tell us more about the surprise you want to organise for that special person. We’ll be happy to help creating a fun experience so everyone can have a great time and most of all a Happy Birthday!

Yes, we have special prices for groups of 4 or more people that allow you to share a unique experience free falling over Gran Canaria. From only 269 € per person you can celebrate an extraordinary birthday in style at Playa del Inglés.

No matter what age, skydiving is for everyone. A birthday celebration full of adrenaline, pure joy, adventure and fun equals a happy birthday! And that’s just what we can give you at iJump with a birthday skydive.

The opportunity to do something different and to dare to live unique moments is achieved by taking that big step. You deserve to have an original birthday: Experience the ultimate thrill and intense emotions of a tandem skydive with iJump.

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Begin your journey into the world of skydiving with the best. Our team of expert skydivers will ensure to give you the greatest adventure of your life.

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