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Skydiving Risks

In this post we want to openly talk about the risks of skydiving and the various factors they depend on

As you know skydiving is an extreme sport and as such safety is crucial. There are many procedures in place to ensure the safety of the participants and it is true that in this sport the maximum safety measures are implemented. At iJump we are prepared and we operate under all the safety measures so you can feel confident and comfortable to jump with us. If you dare to take the plunge come and skydive with us in GranCanaria, a unique experience that you will not forget.

Main Risks of Skydiving

As we mentioned at the beginning, the risks of skydiving depend on various factors so when practicing this sport there are different components to keep in mind.

Weather Conditions

If you have ever practiced this sport, you have probably had your skydiving day ruined due to weather conditions. Although at the time it may have bothered you, you should know that if a flight is cancelled due to weather conditions it is to ensure your safety.

Wind, turbulence and clouds are all factors that can influence the time of your jump and

if there are any doubts or weather changes, we will stop operating until the weather conditions are suitable again to go skydiving. Our safety limitations are there to make sure you have the best experience in the safest way.


The first thing you should know is that the chances to have a problem with the equipment is incredibly low. As improbable as it is, we still wanted to include it in this post because it is a risk of skydiving that we need to consider.

All skydiving equipment has two parachutes, the main parachute and an emergency parachute in case the first one does not work properly.

In addition, at iJump, we do regular and thorough checks of all our equipment.

Medical Risks

Another risk of skydiving refers to your own health. As in all sports it requires a certain physical condition to be able to practice it minimizing the risks.

A heart disease, overweight or bone problems increase the chances of having an accident.

It is essential that when booking a jump you are honest and tell us about your health problems or your physical condition, so that the professional can evaluate if you are fit to enjoy this experience.

Aircraft Failure 

There is a possibility that there may be a fault with the plane we are flying on. This is highly unlikely as all aircrafts are checked before and after each flight.

It is still a risk that must be taken into account and that, although it may surprise you, has an easy solution: an emergency jump.

All our instructors are fully trained to deal with the event of an aircraft failure and will give you all relevant instructions to get you to safety.


Complications of Landings

Landings are one of the main risks of skydiving. If you do not have a professional instructor who gives you all the necessary instructions to land in the right way you may run the risk of suffering an injury when landing.

A bad landing can cause anything from sprains and strains to small breaks, so pay special attention to the instructor when he explains how to land safely for you.

Ignoring the Instructor

Not paying attention to the instructor’s explanations, who will prepare you for any situation during the flight, can have negative consequences for the jump and landing.

All our professionals are trained and experienced to adapt to any situation and give you the appropriate instructions, so it is crucial that in each jump you pay attention to all the recommendations and advice that the instructor gives you.

Here we also want to include another type of risk, which is being overconfident in oneself. If you have jumped several times you likely acquired new knowledge and you feel more and more confident in general. But in no case should you forget the other risks and seek to push your limits by practicing complicated jumps too soon.

How to overcome the fear of jumping?

To learn first hand about the risks of skydiving can increase the fear of jumping, but being fully informed gives you the opportunity to avoid these risks as much as possible, because you are aware of them. At iJump we are in love with this extreme sport, but at no time do we neglect our own safety and neither yours, which is why we regularly test our flying and jumping equipment and keep our team up to date with the latest developments in the sport.

If you really want to enjoy a unique experience that you will memorise for the rest of your life count on us, our instructors will teach you the safest way to jump and will give you all the support you need at all times. Are you going to take the plunge?


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