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Tandem Skydive in Gran Canaria

Tandem skydiving is the fastest and safest way to get to know the exciting world of skydiving. Live the same sensations as an expert skydiver: enjoy free fall and a parachute flight, but without the need of previous experience.

¿What’s included?

  • Equipment

  • Instruction/training

  • 40 seconds of free fall

  • Free fall at over 200km/h

  • Parachute flight of 5-8 minutes

  • 90 Minutes activity

Come and join the fun jumping with us!

What is Tandem Skydiving in Gran Canaria?

We offer you an experience like no other: tandem skydive over the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. As we take care of everything you have the opportunity to enjoy the incomparable feeling of free fall without having any previous knowledge about skydiving.

After only a short briefing where you will learn the body position for the exit, free fall and landing you are ready to go.

We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you can fully embrace this special moment.

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Go on the most extraordinary adventure of your life!

It is much easier, safer and not as scary as many people think. You will be connected to a skydiving instructor with a special harness, so you can relax and just enjoy the experience.

Of course, it will be a bit stressful and you will definitely feel the tingling sensation of adrenaline, but that’s the point of this experience, right? Get out of your comfort zone, conquer your fears, challenge yourself, test your limits…

You might be surprised to know how many people who are afraid of heights go skydiving and love it! Skydiving cannot be explained in words; You have to try it yourself and we honestly believe that everyone should do it at least once in their life.

Once the pilot reaches the designated height, you and your tandem instructor will jump out of the aircraft and free fall for 30 to 40 seconds over the famous Maspalomas Dunes.

The thrilling free fall at over 200 km / h is followed by a relaxing parachute flight, soaring through the sky for 5-8 minutes before gently landing on the Maspalomas Dunes, where your loved ones can watch you land.

To complete this incredible experience, enjoy the beach, cafes and restaurants located right next to the landing area.

So are you ready for the amazing thrill of jumping out of an aircraft? Let us take you on the incomparable adventure of tandem skydiving over the paradisiacal island of Gran Canaria.

We will take off from El Berriel aerodrome and enjoy a 20-25 minute panoramic flight on the aircraft over Maspalomas.

Skydiving itself is absolutely amazing – the stunning scenery of the Atlantic Ocean, islands, mountains, beaches, and dunes is an incredible bonus. We are very fortunate to have our skydiving location in such a beautiful place, being able to offer our tandem guests spectacular views throughout the entire experience.

Your instructor will capture the entire experience in Full HD video and 20MP photos, using the latest technology cameras. It is highly recommended to purchase digital products as a souvenir and to be able to share this experience with your loved ones.

We will record your experience with our digital packages

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Dopo anni ho deciso di vivere questa esperienza e ho scelto iJump per due motivi:il primo é che ogni giorno vedo atterrare i loro lanci da casa mia; secondo sono rinomati per la professionalitá. E di fatto é stata una esperienza . . .strabiliante. Molto superiore alle aspettative(come mi disse Leo), in una giornata perfetta ho goduto di viste mozzafiato grazie al mio istruttore(Dean) che mi ha seguito passo passo, dalla partenza all'arrivo. Mi sono sempre sentito al sicuro e seguito da gente capace anche se forse ero troppo emozionato per notarlo al momento. Indimenticabile. Certo il prezzo non é basso ma ricordate che si parla di volo, lancio, piloti, istruttori, licenze etc. Una volta nella vita va fatto, e chissà, una volta passata la paura(solo al momento del salto), che non lo faccia ancora.
Massimilino Mortiolo
Massimilino Mortiolo
Absolutely incredible experience. The instructors prioritized safety while also ensuring we had an amazing time. They kept the mood light and ensured we were always comfortable and satisfied with the experience. The adrenaline is something I have never experienced and cannot put in words beyond “do it!” Next time I am in Gran Canaria, I will definitely return to jump here again.
Lucas O'Rourke
Lucas O'Rourke
Thanks guys, it was such a great experience! Cip and the crew are very kind and professional and all of you guys took such good care about me! Go there and have fun! Thx to whole crew! Patrick
Patrick dS
Patrick dS
Una experiencia única con unos grandes profesionales, que transmiten una gran confianza y seguridad. Ya estoy pensando en volver a la Isla, para poder repetir con este gran equipo como es; IJump!! Muy,muy recomendable!! Un saludo desde Asturias
Raquel Ochoa Tamargo
Raquel Ochoa Tamargo
What an experience! The team is very well organized and the instructors are highly professional. They'll ensure a great atmosphere from beginning to end. Very sympathetic team :) The jump location above the dunes is great and has nice views... I felt safe at all times and can highly recommend this jump to everyone!
Supeeeeeer awesome experience! View is incredible and super happy i did it with them :))))
Martin Georgiev
Martin Georgiev
Amazing experience, super safe! Super fast with photos and video sharing.
Andreea J
Andreea J
Bin 2 mal mit euch gesprungen. Es war super. Tolles Team, tolle Ausstattung. Ihr habt mein volles Vertrauen. Danke. Ich komme wieder.
Helmut Steinberger
Helmut Steinberger
Amazing experience and incredible crew. I want to jump again NOW !
Valentino Pasquale
Valentino Pasquale

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