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The 10 most delicious local dishes from Gran Canaria

The many amazing things and exciting activities to do on this beautiful island, such as our fantastic tandem skydiving 😉 will most definitely leave you hungry! To satisfy your cravings as well as getting to know the culinary specialties of the Canary Islands, we from iJump put together a list of yummy local dishes for you to taste.

Typical Food from Gran Canaria

There are many typical Gran Canarian dishes that deserve to be on this list, but we wanted to select 10 of the most representative and delicious of them all. If your favourite one is missing don’t hesitate to leave a comment below telling us which one it is!

1. Carne Fiesta (Meat Party)

These little meat pieces are one of the most exquisite delicatessen of the typical Canarian food. Although it originated as a rather humble dish, in which the less sought-after parts of the pig were used, nowadays lean pork or any other part of your choice can be used. The only requirement is that the meat is cut into small cubes

After having the meat diced in pieces, a marinade is added in which it will macerate for at least a few hours, ideally for one day. The longer the better. Afterwards, it is panfried in very hot oil and served with fried potatoes or papas arrugadas“ – wrinkled potatoes, a very typical Canarian side dish (explained a bit later). 

2. Ropa Vieja (Old Clothes)

Although it is not a dish that is totally exclusive to the island, here we give it an irresistible touch that makes it a delicious typical Gran Canarian meal. As the name suggests it’s made with stew leftovers plus chickpeas and meat. We add some diced fried potatoes, bay leaves, cloves, thyme, red paprika, garlic, onion and fry it all up.

The result of something so simple is sure to surprise you! If you eat a good amount as a main course you have a filling meal, but it can also be served as a side dish or tapas.

3. Canarian Stew

We’ve just mentioned stew before and surely more than a few of you are already licking your lips. This Canarian stew has a rather exotic twist.

Why is that? Pineapple and sweet potato are among the ingredients giving this typical dish from Gran Canaria a touch of sweet. Other ingredients include meat, potatoes, legumes, seasonal garden vegetables, zucchini or bubango (type of zucchini growing on the Canary Islands) Don’t forget a good amount of crushed garlic, saffron, pepper and corn. You won’t go hungry!

4. Sancocho Canario

Undoubtedly one of the best dishes typical for Gran Canaria. It is traditionally prepared on Good Friday to avoid eating meat, but you’re sure to enjoy it on any day.

This is a very complete dish. A good parboiled fish with a garnish of sweet potato, a spoon of gofio (a sticky mass made out of cornmeal), wrinkled potatoes and mojo sauce to taste.

To prepare the wrinkled potatoes, you boil tiny potatoes with their skin in water with a lot of salt, as we are going to eat them unpeeled. The idea is to leave a thin layer of salt covering the whole potato. As a fun fact, the traditional way of making them was with sea water.

5. Watercress Stew

A classic among classics of typical Gran Canarian food. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, this great dish made with white beans, corn, seasonal garden vegetables, meat, bay leaves, potatoes and of course watercress gives you everything you need for a wholesome meal.

It is very easy to make. Simply sear the meat and cover it with vegetables and water. Then, all you have to do is wait until all the ingredients are cooked tender. The taste is delicious! If you come from any activity with a growling stomach this is your best option to be satisfied.

6. Blanched Gofio

This typical food from Gran Canaria usually works more as a side dish than as a main course. But hey, it’s a matter of taste!

It is normally made with a fine cornmeal, parsley is added and little by little it is diluted in very hot fish stock. When you have a dense texture but without lumps… It’s ready to enjoy!

7. Rabbit in Salmorejo

Don’t mix it up with the Andalusian Salmorejo soup which is similar to gazpacho! This dish is made of rabbit, an essential part of Gran Canaria’s typical food. Marinated pieces of rabbit are fried until golden brown and then boiled in the same oil, that’s it!

The biggest challenge usually is preparing the rabbit itself, but nowadays you can find it ready to be cooked in any supermarket. Besides, you can always enjoy it in a good restaurant without worrying about the previous steps.

This dish cries out to be accompanied by some yummy papas arrugadas, always a nice choice, to satisfy the stomachs of the most voracious.


8. Viejas Guisadas con Papas Arrugadas (Stewed Old Women with Wrinkled Potatoes)

Relax, when we say old women, we are referring to an exquisitely tender fish that can be prepared in many different ways.

In this case, it is usually cooked with onion, parsley, tomato and garlic… Of course on the side you will find the typical wrinkled potatoes.

9. Rancho

Also quite simple, this is another typical stew dedicated to loud grumbling stomachs.

Meat, noodles, stir-fried vegetables, potatoes and a good selection of spices and herbs all mixed in a soup that meets the expectations of the most picky. Another good option to keep you going on those busy days full of tours and excursions visiting the island’s most captivating spots.

10. Goat Meat

Although you might be shocked at first, we recommend you to try it. The truth is that the taste is rather strong and the dish is more typical for Fuerteventura, but if you like experimenting with food or strong flavours you are obliged to give it a taste.

It is prepared in a sauce, with fried vegetables, nuts, red wine, olives… A delightful dish that deserves more recognition! You won’t be disappointed by its blend of tasty aromas.


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