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The 9 best restaurants in Gran Canaria

Holidays in Gran Canaria mean relaxing days on the beach, walks, adventures and, of course, eating really delicious food. Do you want to know the best restaurants in Gran Canaria and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience? iJump recommends you some of the best places to find the tastiest food on the island.

The best restaurants in Gran Canaria that you cannot miss

Let’s start with our gastronomic tour of the island and prepare your palate for all the wonders that we are going to taste in the most typical style of Gran Canaria.

La Aquarela

We start on a grand scale and in a very elegant area, in the south of the island. Next to Anfi del Mar we find one of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria, La Aquarela, an exclusive place with a truly distinguished atmosphere and an even more superior menu.

They offer a 3 hour degustation menu that they divide into two very special categories: Experience and Summer Harvest. A whole display of delicatessen from local and seasonal products await you.

¡Qué leche!

Do you want to taste the exquisite and very traditional Canarian cheeses? In ¡Qué leche!  you can do it gourmet style. This eclectic restaurant is a diverse gastronomic venture awaiting us in Las Palmas.

They have a very mixed, assorted international-style menu, going from black suckling pig to Cuban-style rice Niguiri, amberjack and red curry dumplings or a passion fruit foam for dessert.

  If you enjoy cooking and keen to learn some new dishes, they offer some very interesting courses, an excellent way to make the most out of your stay and learn from the best.

El Santo

We are still in Las Palmas and there is another must-visit, one of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria, El Santo. Here you will taste truly exceptional dishes.

Do you fancy a sweet potato salad from Lanzarote or perhaps an Iberian risotto based on a secret recipe? Although today it may be time for some candied artichokes with creamy aubergines and for dessert a decadent coffee parfait from Agaete.

An outstanding place, with excellent service and very good reviews.


Restaurante D’romería

Moving to San Bartolomé de Tirajana, we have two good proposals. Since you are here, you should definitely do your Tandem Skydive with iJump. An extraordinary experience that will make your very special trip to Gran Canaria even more unique.

Once you have taken the plunge, free falling over Gran Canaria at 200km/h, the best place to celebrate your adventurous triumph in style is: D’romería, a family place with a true island atmosphere and the most delicious cuisine you can imagine.

From pork or kid meat to the delicacies of the island such as octopus, fried fish or squid, to barbecues and their homemade desserts that will be the highlight of this unmissable menu.

You will find a very welcoming atmosphere and truly exquisite flavours.

Bahía Grill

Let’s continue in San Bartolomé de Tirajana where we find another one of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria, standing out not only for its superb cuisine, but also for the excellent service and customer attention.

Bahia Grill offers Wi-Fi service, access for people with reduced mobility, secluded smoking areas, air-conditioned rooms and is absolutely pet friendly. They also have a delivery service which is fantastic for locals because their menu is not only delicious but also very affordable.

The reviews place this restaurant in a high ranking. It’s worth mentioning that they have quite a diverse children’s menu making it a perfect restaurant for a family dine out.

Restaurante Parque Romántico

In the Maspalomas area we can enjoy an elegant and exclusive atmosphere in one of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria with a signature cuisine. An intimate space that is committed to a fusion of modern, Mediterranean and Asian styles.


Parque Romántico is open to both, those who stay in the Mur Hotel as well as the general public. Its menu is quite varied, betting on sea food dishes such as cod or sea bass stuffed with shellfish.

For meat lovers, you can find an Iberian pork feather or the Uruguayan beef tenderloin. Other delicacies that you can try are the creamy rice with shrimp or gnocchi with pesto and cured cheese.


Continuing in the Maspalomas area we find an excellent choice for a fusion meal in Samsara. What makes it one of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria and stand out among our favourites? Its international cuisine is infused with those oriental aromas that we love so much on the island.

The recommendation is to try something a little different, like the black pasta with shrimp and seafood or the sautéed vegetables with Matsuman-Curry accompanied by basmati rice or maybe it’s time for a roast duck with mango and papaya…

Whichever dish you choose, the intense flavours and fair prices will surely delight you.


Within the Lopesan Costa Meloneras hotel complex we find another interesting fusion-style Asian cuisine. Try something totally different on your island vacation.

Nihao flatters the diner with exquisite sushi dishes, such as the Spicy Tuna Maki or the Caramelized Salmon Nigiris. And if you want vegan options, their chefs will please you with delicious variants specially created for the most demanding diners.


We end our tour of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria with a wild and exotic dare. Afrika is one of the boldest Ethiopian restaurants on the island..

It is a place that you cannot miss, not only for its unique atmosphere and exceptional decoration, but also for the delights on its menu.


Dare to try their Sambusas or falafel starters, traditional or vegan. Their meat, lentil and corn antipasti or their fried Goat-Yefijel-Tebs or fried zebra bites with cooked vegetables. Without a doubt, their dishes will not leave you indifferent.

Ready for all the delicious delights that await you in Gran Canaria? Take a beach break and enjoy a mouthwatering meal in some of these excellent places where you will also create wonderful memories.

And talking about wonderful memories, accompany your banquet of your life with a unique experience of a lifetime! Do a Tandem Skydive with iJump. It’s your chance to spend a few days of adventure on your favourite island.


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