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The best adventure activities in Gran Canaria

Do you love excitement? In this post we are going to show you our great adventure tourism proposals of Gran Canaria. Discover the exciting island in a totally different way.

Skydiving: the best views and an adrenaline rush

Skydiving in Gran Canaria is something that you may not have considered, but be sure that it will be an unforgettable experience. Have the world at your feet and let the incredible views of this beautiful island take your breath away.

Skydiving is something you should try at least once. And what better time than now that you are looking for adventure activities in Gran Canaria! Spending the day at the beach is fine, but activities like this are what makes a trip a memory to remember for a lifetime: let yourself fall, feel like you’re flying and leave all your worries behind.

Our skydiving experts are with you every step of the way. With our tandem jumps you won’t need any previous skydiving knowledge.

What’s the next step? At iJump we make it easy for you. You just have to choose your date and get in touch with us. It is time to take the plunge and launch yourself into adventure.

Multiadventure in Gran Canaria

A great option for adventure tourists in Gran Canaria are the multi-adventure parks. In them you will test both your physical and mental abilities.

Gran Canaria is the ideal place for it. In many of these places, not only various types of adventure activities are offered, but you can also plan your own hiking routes or go climbing with a beautiful natural landscape in the background. Which brings us to our next adventure tourism proposal of Gran Canaria.

Mountain activities in Gran Canaria

What do you prefer: beach or mountains?

If you come to Gran Canaria, you don’t have to choose. Just as you can spend a day immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters of Las Salinas beach, you can also plan to spend a day in the mountains.

On the official website for Gran Canaria tourism you will find the many mountain sports that you can practice. Among them there are very interesting bike routes, hiking trails or natural climbing spots.

Adventure tourism for cycling lovers

If you love to ride a bike, there are a wide variety of adventure activities in Gran Canaria for you. From e-bike tours through the most charming landscapes of the island to exhilarating mountain bike routes with steep descents.

Whatever type of cyclist you are, your possibilities are endless. Make time for your favourite sport and cruise around the island with the beautiful views of Gran Canaria in the background.

Buggy route around the island

Another activity that many adventure tourists of Gran Canaria do is to go on a buggy route. If you like driving and want to try something different, you should add this activity to your list.

There are several planned routes that you can choose from, all depending on the area you want to explore. We recommend the Agaete valley or the beaches of Maspalomas and Meloneras, as well as Puerto de Mogán.

There are thousands of scenic roads that surround the island from which you can explore the incredible landscape that defines it.

Enjoy a real kayak adventure

So far we have only talked about adventure activities in Gran Canaria on land (or in the air) but let’s not forget all the water activities – after all, you are on an island!

If you’re new to water sports, kayaking or canoeing is an ideal option when trying it for the first time. With a brief initial explanation you will be able to pick it up quickly and enjoy a good time with your family, friends or partner.

Snorkeling or diving: discover the island from the Atlantic

If you are interested in the world of adventure tourism, in Gran Canaria you have the perfect opportunity to dive deep into it and enjoy it to the fullest: snorkeling or diving. Whether you are starting out or have your diving certification, discovering the marine fauna and flora that this island hides is a must.

If you plan to dive and skydive we want to remind you that you shouldn’t fly right after scuba-diving. To go skydiving at least 24 hours must have passed since you last scuba-dived.

Canyoning: adventure tourism in Gran Canaria

You have probably heard of canyoning before. It is a very comprehensive sport and it is becoming increasingly popular. In this sport you combine various disciplines such as hiking, abseiling and swimming to spend a day full of adrenaline and intense emotions.

It is an adventure tourism activity that will allow you to explore Gran Canaria in a very different way discovering the most hidden corners of the island. Since this is a tour with very physically and mentally demanding activities, it is only suitable for adults.

A moment to breathe – time to disconnect

After so much adrenaline you may need a moment to relax and catch your breath. To fully enjoy a good vacation you also have to know when it’s time to let your body rest.

For this reason we leave you with some suggestions that would nicely complement the more action packed activities like jumping from a plane or diving into the mysterious underwater world of the Atlantic:

  • Montaña Arena, Guayedra, Tiritaña, Medio Almud or Tufia are some of the best hidden beaches in Gran Canaria where you can forget about the world and sunbathe on its soft sand.
  • A tour through the island’s vineyards, which has obtained the recognition of Protected Designation of Origin thanks to the climatic conditions and volcanic soil of the island.
  • Sit back in one of the many beach bars and taste the incredible Canarian cuisine.

These are some of our safe bets on adventure tourism in Gran Canaria. We hope we have been able to help you plan your next vacation to one of the most beautiful places in the Atlantic.

Remember that if you are interested in skydiving you can contact us at any time to organize your jump. We are here for you!


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