The best beaches of Gran Canaria

The best beaches of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an island full of fun things to do and spectacular places that you should absolutely check out. As the list of things to see and do can be very long, in this post we focus on one of the most important features of an island: the beach and the ocean. So in the following is iJump’s list with Gran Canarias best beaches at which you definitely want to dip your toes in the water.

Gran Canaria’s 263 kilometre coastline offers a wide variety of beaches with all kinds of characteristics to suit every taste, pleasing any type of visitor.

Among the best beaches of Gran Canaria you will find beaches of white sand, black volcanic sand, untouched, pristine or full of life with restaurants and leisure activities, with calm waters or with strong winds and waves for surfing, miles long stretches of sand or small coves difficult to reach… An infinity of possibilities!

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Are you ready to explore Gran Canarias best beaches? Take out pen and paper to write them all down!

The best beaches of Gran Canaria, you don’t want to miss

Whether you are looking for peace and quiet to relax and sunbathe or you want to live a great adventure and relax on a wild and untouched beach, in this list we have the perfect beach for you.

Thanks to the island’s great weather all year around, you and your friends and family can enjoy an excellent day at the beach almost everyday. Discover all the jewels that the island has for you!

Dunes and Maspalomas Beach

The list of Gran Canarias best beaches could not miss one of the islands most famous and distinctive. It is a nature reserve of about 400 hectares full of dunes, a palm forest, a lagoon and of course a long stretched beach.

Maspalomas beach stretches several kilometres from the Faro de Maspalomas to Playa del Inglés. Fine golden sand and normally calm waters will allow you to enjoy an unbeatable beach-day while having the opportunity to take some spectacular photos in the dunes.

Amadores Beach

Another very popular beach on the island is Playa de Amadores, located in one of the most touristy areas of Gran Canaria.

A beautiful bay with 500 meters of white sand encloses a natural pool of turquoise that will take your breath away and has unquestionably earned its place on our list of Gran Canarias best beaches. 

Finding all kinds of services in the area will let you enjoy a relaxing and eventful day with your family and friends. 

Playa de Amadores means beach for lovers, a fitting name for this gorgeous bay, where you will be sun kissed and then cool off in the clear blue water :)

Anfi del Mar Beach

The Anfi del Mar Beach is, like the previous one, an artificial beach covered with very fine white sand favouring the impressive turquoise color of the water.

In the vicinity of the beach you can also find many kinds of services, shops and restaurants, as well as leisure activities to spend the day.

We recommend arriving early at this beach because it is not very big and tends to fill up easily, especially during the middle of the day.  

Güi Güi Beach

Another one of Gran Canarias best beaches is known as Playa Güi Güi, located in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás. It is an untouched and wild area that is not at all easy to access but it is worth the visit.

To get to this beach, you have to hike a somewhat steep mountain. From the village of Tasártico it will take you about 2 and a half hours of walking to reach your destination.

If you venture to take this trail, the reward will be worth it and you can enjoy a different kind of beach-day on one of the most beautiful and special beaches of Gran Canaria.

Las Canteras Beach

In this list of Gran Canarias best beaches let’s not forget one of the most beautiful urban beaches of the island with 3 kilometers of golden sand and an inviting esplanade full of great restaurants and bars.

A striking characteristic of Las Canteras Beach is La Barra, an elongated natural volcanic rock formation that runs parallel to the coast and protects most of the beach from the tides while also attracting and supporting marine life.

If you are interested in everything related to the seabed and the species living in it, Las Canteras Beach is undoubtedly a perfect place to snorkel and explore. An ideal beach that has something for everyone, be it snorkelling, surfing, swimming, sunbathing or having a stroll on the over 2 kilometre long esplanade…

Dedo de Dios Beach

The black sand of volcanic origin lets this beach stand out from the rest of our list of Gran Canarias best beaches. The colours of the sand, cliffs and sea make a spectacular contrast, a beauty to the eye.

If you decide to visit this beach, we recommend that you take some caution and place your towel as far away as possible from the cliffs and rocky walls as there is a risk of rockfalls.

El Roquete Beach

At El Roquete Beach you will find rocks of all shapes and sizes instead of sand. It is a small beach about 60 meters long and 15 meters wide with crystal clear waters that will fill you with amazement.

If you decide to spend your day at this beach, make sure to bring everything you need as there is nothing else around. Also, be careful when going for a swim as this beach is not supervised by a lifeguard.

Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Rico Beach is located right next to Playa de Amadores and is a departure point for dolphin and whale watching excursions. It is a beach of fine golden sand and crystal clear waters.

It is about 280 meters long and stands out for its peaceful atmosphere, ideal for families with children. It is located in one of the liveliest and most commercial areas of the island, at the foot of steep cliffs full of hotels and restaurants.

San Agustin Beach

Another one of Gran Canarias best beaches is the Playa San Agustín, a very urban and familiar place that has all the services available but in comparison to similar beaches, it is usually not too crowded.

It has a long promenade that connects to Playa del Inglés with a lot of terraces, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious bite or refreshing drink.

Playa del Inglés

Another hugely popular beach and one of the best beaches in Gran Canaria is Playa del Inglés.

This is one of the largest beaches on the island (more than 3 kilometres of sand) and is located away from the large tourist and hotel complexes of Gran Canaria, making it perfect for a quiet family day out without too much hustle and bustle.

Tufia Beach

Tufia Beach is one of the smallest beaches in Gran Canaria, but its unparalleled beauty makes it an unmissable beach that you have to visit.

It is a rocky beach 40 meters long and 20 meters wide with an amazing seabed to discover while snorkelling.

If you decide to visit this beach, we recommend that you also visit the village where it is located and let its charm surprise you.

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