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The most beautiful natural pools of Gran Canaria

If there is one thing Gran Canaria has, it is charming places to visit. Among these, the natural pools in the north of Gran Canaria are little known to tourists, even though these spots are very captivating and fun to explore.

Most of the island’s natural pools we find towards the municipality of Gáldar and they are as nice as the wide traditional beaches.

If you are looking for complete relaxation in a unique and special environment, take your sun protection and get ready to discover the most beautiful natural pools on the island of Gran Canaria.

What are natural pools?

We call natural pools those areas that are bordered by rocks or breakwaters that form a kind of sheltered pool on the coast or in a riverbed. The best thing about them is that they are very safe and pleasant for everyone to swim in, especially for children.

Depending on the area where they are located, you will find more or less amenities. Some may even have stairs or handrails to facilitate access.

swimming pools in gran canaria

Which are the natural pools in the north of Gran Canaria that you should visit on your next trip to the island?

Natural Pools in Las Salinas

Let’s start in the municipality of Agaete. In this area you can enjoy three marvellous natural pools. They are located where a salt mine used to operate, i.e. the area where sea salt was extracted.

One of the most practical things about Las Salinas are the canals that link them making it very easy to swim between the pools. For those interested in water sports, scuba diving and snorkelling are fantastic options to have a great time here, for adults and kids alike.

Charco Azul

Another natural pool in the north of Gran Canaria that may delight those who are experiencing this type of space for the first time is Charco Azul. It is located on the road from Agaete to La Aldea and can be reached on foot.

A paradisiacal setting with a 20-metre waterfall and magical views of the natural surroundings. A 30 minute walk from the small fisher town El Risco, the beauty of this pool is its calm and enchanting atmosphere.

El Agujero

In the municipality of Gáldar, also in the north of Gran Canaria, we will find another truly enticing and convenient natural pool. Here we have a set of three very calm pools plus the traditional one open to the sea.

El Agujero is an awesome spot for relaxation, beach and water sports. Furthermore it is close to the historic centre of Gáldar, making it the perfect destination for an all-round day of fun on the island.

Charco de San Lorenzo

Let’s move on to another natural beauty of the island that is essential in our list of natural pools in the north of Gran Canaria. To reach Charco de San Lorenzo we take the route that leads to the village of San Felipe.

Access to the pool is very easy thanks to its railings. Here we can spend a whole morning or afternoon as there are plenty of toilets, showers and a nice restaurant with delicious local specialities.

To fully disconnect, the Charco de San Lorenzo is a must-visit of the North Gran Canarian natural pools, especially if you are looking for an amazing scenery for your profile pictures.

Los Charcones

Have a peaceful swim in two truly spectacular pools towards the area of Arucas, at the end of the promenade of El Puertillo. These are one of the largest natural pools in the north of Gran Canaria and constantly renewed by the waves and the tide.

They are ideal for a fun day out with the whole family as there are all the amenities locals and tourists need: sun spots, showers and various services to have a relaxed and stress free trip.

The best thing is that there are nearby places to eat and spend the rest of the day admiring the beauty of the northern part of the island. Without a doubt Los Charcones is one of Gran Canarias treasures that you shouldn’t miss out on.


Roque Pietro

Close to Santa María de Guía you will find Roque Pietro, another spot  in the north of Gran Canaria with impressive natural pools, which are also unsurprisingly a must-see.

If you want a secluded atmosphere, far away from the stress and noise of the crowds, Roque Pietro is the perfect destination to wind down feeling like you are in paradise.

There are two pools, one deeper than the other, ideal for safe diving. Spend a wonderful time with friends and family enjoying crystal clear and calm waters.

Sardina Lighthouse

We end this tour of the best natural pools in the north of Gran Canaria with Sardina del Norte, a wonderfully quiet and peaceful area. Here you will find several natural pools, a gorgeous place to spend a whole day without any worries.

Enjoying the harbour, the fishermen’s boats and the lovely features of each pool is completing this tour in a beautiful way.

It is a must on your list of the most magical areas to visit.

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