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Things to do in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

On your next visit to Gran Canaria don’t miss out on spending at least one day in Maspalomas, one of the most touristic places on the island, especially because of the huge dunes that are located along the coast.

In this post from iJump we happily present you with a very detailed list of places to visit in Maspalomas so you can make the most out of your stay at this beautiful destination and discover its charm at its best. There are many magical places to discover on foot but we’d also like to propose an extraordinary experience from the air, doing a tandem skydive with us…:D Fly over the town, enjoy a bird’s eye view and land on the famous Maspalomas Dunes.

Now without further ado let’s start with this list of must-visit places in Maspalomas!

Things to see in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Feel like in the desert in the Special Nature Reserve Las Dunas de Maspalomas.

As we already mentioned these dunes in our intro, we couldn’t start from any other place. The well-known Maspalomas Dunes cover a sandy surface of 403.9 hectares and since 1987 they have been classified as a Protected Natural Area. Moreover, they were awarded the title of Special Nature Reserve in 1994.

The dunes are one of the places to visit in Maspalomas with an admirable natural and scenic value making them easily one of the greatest treasures the vicinity has to offer.

By the way, at the beginning of the dunes close to Playa del Inglés is the authorised parachute landing area for our iJump skydiving centre where we offer tandem jumps for anyone who is keen to have a mind-blowing experience. This would also be your opportunity to observe the immensity of the dunes from a more than privileged point of view that is not available to anyone else: from high up in the sky.

Visiting the famous Maspalomas Lighthouse

The lighthouse is one of the most characteristic constructions to see in Maspalomas. It was built in 1890 and ever since it has been operating as a beacon for ships sailing along the south coast of Gran Canaria. It is the work of the engineer Juan León y Castillo, one of the most renowned figures on the island at the time, so the lighthouse also has an important symbolic and historical value.

Being located next to the beach of Maspalomas makes it very easy to reach and even though you can make out its profile from a distance its one of the places which are definitely worth checking out, especially as you can simultaneously enjoy a beautiful beach as well as many great cafes and bars along the Meloneras coast.


Amazing beaches everywhere

If you come to visit Gran Canaria, you will never be short of sand and sea. Saying that, Maspalomas is situated in the south of the island where it is sunny almost all year around, ergo its the ideal place for relaxing beach days. And on that account we have prepared recommendations for some amazing beaches around Maspalomas:

To spend some time at the best known of them all, you have it really easy. Maspalomas Beach stretches alongside the southern part of the dunes and as previously stated, is conveniently accessible right next to the lighthouse. It is 2,710 metres long and probably the most touristic beach you can find in the region of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

Playa de las Meloneras is another beach close to Maspalomas that is quite popular. If you like to mix it up we have a few additional sandy recommendations located in the southeast of the island: Playa del Inglés, Playa de San Agustín and Playa de las Burras are all great options not far and easy to reach from Maspalomas. Surely, when exploring the area you will find several more stunning beaches that we have not mentioned and that will amaze you just as much.

Visiting the large Maspalomas Lagoon

The well-known Maspalomas Lagoon, a supreme natural environment that shelters native fauna and flora, is another reason why the Maspalomas Beach area is such a popular and attractive region of our island. Together with the dunes and the palm grove (which we will talk about next) the lagoon is one of the three ecosystems that make up the Maspalomas Delta Natural Park.

In this saltwater lake you can find various species of fish as well as migratory birds. It is a peaceful place where you can find an immediate connection with nature, which is the main reason to have it on our list of magical places to visit in Maspalomas. We truly recommend a visit next time you are here on holidays!

Delve into the nature of the Palm Grove of Maspalomas

As we mentioned in the previous section the third and last ecosystem of the Delta Natural Park that you have yet to discover is the Maspalomas Palm Grove. Immerse yourself in a real oasis of large coconut trees which are very characteristic and representative of this area. Visiting the palm grove in combination with the dunes and the lagoon makes for a wholesome, complete experience.

Finding a moment of peace in the Botanical Garden of Maspalomas

The Maspalomas Botanical Garden is located further inland than anything else mentioned so far but if you came to Gran Canaria in search of a peaceful environment, here you will find what you are looking for. The calm atmosphere and idyllic park scenery is perfect for a relaxing stroll around. Thanks to its gardens with multiple species of plants and trees you can discover an amazing variety of fauna and learn about the different variants of flora that can be found, both of Canarian and non-Canarian origin. You can easily spend a whole morning here, breathing, enjoying the quiet and soothing nature.

Last but not least we recommend a very unique activity in the following section that you can only find in a few places and which we have here very close to Maspalomas.

Should you be keen for more ideas of things to see and do around Maspalomas thereafter we conclude this post with some additional places to visit which are a little further away but still very easily accessible.


A parachute landing in the Maspalomas Dunes with iJump

As well as giving you numerous ideas of places to visit in Maspalomas, iJump wants to offer you an experience you will never forget. Have you ever thought about gifting a skydive to your faithful travel companion? Sharing special moments together brings joy and deepens connection.

With our Tandem Skydive you will have exceptional views of the Maspalomas Lighthouse, the ecosystems of the Delta Natural Park, all the beaches we have mentioned and more. You will feel free like a bird as you experience an exhilarating high speed free fall and a following calm parachute glide over the dunes.

This is the opportunity you were looking for to try new challenges. You won’t regret it. It will be an experience that you will always remember dearly. Of course we’ve got you covered and you will also be able to forever immortalise this moment with photos and a video. Leave all the technical stuff in our capable hands and just enjoy the moment!

We are sure that from the sky you will discover a few more places to visit in Maspalomas, however as promised, here are a couple extra ideas from us:

What to see near Maspalomas

To wrap up this list of must-visit places in Maspalomas, iJump recommends two other nearby locations where you certainly will spend a fantastic time at while on your island holiday…

The picturesque port of Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is a small and cosy town located in the southwest of Gran Canaria. The coastal area of this town stands out especially for its colourfulness as the different coloured houses, the local fauna and the blue ocean add to its scenery. Even the locals who have been on the island all their lives are still charmed by the attractive atmosphere present in this tucked away jewel of Gran Canaria.

The presence of several mountains surrounding the port gives you the impression of being secluded from the rest of the island and gives you an amazing feeling of exclusivity. We recommend you experience this first hand to enjoy it to the fullest.

Enjoy great views from the Degollada de las Yeguas Astronomical Viewpoint.

We want to end our guide of places to visit in Maspalomas, with a suggestion that will bring you back to the heights. Probably this doesn’t surprise you as our passion is to jump out of planes but this recommendation is without taking your feet off the ground. If after doing a tandem skydive with us you still want to have the most privileged views, you can’t miss the opportunity to go to the Astronomical Viewpoint of Degollada de las Yeguas.

There is probably no better place to see star showers in Gran Canaria than here. It is located in the middle of the extensive biosphere reserve and overlooks a ravine from an altitude of 470 metres.


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