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Travelling to the Canary Islands in winter

The island Gran Canaria is one of the places that tourists love to go for their holidays, not only in summer, but travelling to the Canary Islands in winter is also very popular.

The archipelago offers a special climate with average temperatures all year round. We at iJump are looking forward to share the most fun proposals for your trip.

Winter temperatures in the Canary Islands range from 19° to 25°, making it one of the best places to visit at this time of the year. Thanks to this mild weather in the Canary Islands you can sunbathe at the beautiful beaches during the whole winter season.

While the majority of Europe and part of the Peninsula face a cold, snowy and rainy winter, travelling to the Canary Islands during those bleak month allows you to enjoy a warm outdoor environment.

What to wear in the Canary Islands in winter?

If you are wondering how to dress in the Canary Islands during winter, don’t worry you won’t need those thick winter jackets. As mentioned previously, the winter season in the Canary Islands is a great time to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

Winter in the Canary Islands can vary depending on where you are. Temperatures can be around 21°, which allows you to dress light and have a casual, spring look. There are islands where the temperature only reach up to 15°, and drop to 8° in the coldest cases, but in general the southern parts of the Canary Islands will have winter temperatures of 20/21°.

The Canary Islands weather in winter is pleasant, so wearing a light long-sleeved shirt made of cotton and casual pants is sufficient. Take a sweater that nicely matches your outfit for the evenings just in case.

If you visit the Canaries in winter, don’t forget to pack a variety of T-shirts, as you will be able to enjoy the wonderful weather on this island in short-sleeved clothing.

As a girl you can pack summery dresses, loose blouses and baggy pants without worries. Bring one jumper to cover your skin for a chilly night.

Avoid thick and warm jackets, as they will take a lot of space in your luggage and you won’t need them. Leave behind your wool socks and grab your summer clothes to enjoy the mild outdoor climate of the Canary Islands winter season!

Which island has the warmest weather in the Canary winter?

Although Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands with the warmest weather in winter, both in the south of Tenerife and in the south of Gran Canaria you will find the mildest climate. In these islands temperatures are usually between 23° and 25° during the day, so they are the ideal place to spend the Christmas holidays if you are not a lover of cold weather.

These islands are located further south which is why the temperatures there are a little higher. You won’t have to worry about icy winds or rainy, wet days and you can enjoy the winter season without being a a victim of inclement weather.

Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the largest islands of the archipelago, so they are perfect to spend a magical Christmas with a charming atmosphere. In these islands you will enjoy wonderful activities such as:

  • Stroll through the capital, where the streets are beautifully decorated and illuminated.
  • Relax at the beaches soaking in the sun and ocean views and buy some gifts on the esplanades.
  • On both islands, you will find open-air concerts. Enjoy great music while sipping a delicious cocktail.

The weather in the Canary Islands in winter will make you forget about umbrellas, hats and wool sweaters.

Reasons to travel to the Canary Islands in winter

If you are still hesitating to visit the Canary Islands in the winter season, keep reading as we will give you 3 reasons why you should make up your mind at once.

Besides knowing what to wear and how to dress during your winter holidays on the Canary Islands we will now share with you why you should not miss the opportunity to take this trip to these beautiful islands.

You will enjoy the good weather 

Located very close to the African coast, the Canary Islands have a subtropical climate which is why the weather is so pleasant.

We have already mentioned that the Canary Islands temperatures range from 15° to 25°, even during the winter. So, if you are a person who does not like the cold, it is the ideal place  to escape from the coldest and darkest time of the year and spend a winter holiday with a warm sea breeze and sun shine.


You will enjoy good food

You will not only enjoy the good weather. The Canary Islands offer you seasonal food of excellent quality during winter. Enjoy the typical Christmas dishes on the terraces of some the best restaurants on the island.

You will enjoy a totally different winter

In addition to the wonderful warm climate, the Canary Islands are a peaceful place in winter. It is perfect to get away from noisy cities and enjoy the beaches and villages with very few people.

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Get ready to spend a unique winter holiday on the island Gran Canaria!



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