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What to do in Gran Canaria in 4 days: The must-does!

A trip to Gran Canaria is one of the best getaways. Not only is the weather great all year round but there are so many different things to do, whether it be extreme adventure activities, hiking or relaxing on the beach. If you only have time for a short stay its best to plan ahead so you can make the most out of your island vacation. In this post we show you what to do in Gran Canaria when you only have 4 days.

Gran Canaria: make the most out of your getaway!

The island offers a lot to see and do. We recommend that you take some time to organise your short trip so you have a stress free vacation while not missing out on anything. What to do in Gran Canaria in 4 days? The key is in the planning!

Let’s start with something unexpected. Something that you may never have thought of doing before… or maybe its something you can finally cross off your bucket-list. Its definitely a must-do when visiting Gran Canaria and easily organised even for a short 4 day visit:

Looking for the ultimate thrill? Go for a skydive!

Let’s get high (literally!) and get ready to jump out of a plane over Gran Canaria!

Skydiving is an amazing experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. We from iJump offer tandem jumps for which you don’t need any previous knowledge. It’s your chance to live an unforgettable adventure, enjoying the best views of Gran Canaria while feeling an incredible adrenaline rush pumping through your body.

A freefall at over 200k/h followed by a gentle parachute flight while you have the most breathtaking views of Gran Canaria beneath you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This is without a doubt a must on your list of things to do for your 4-day visit to Gran Canaria.

There is no better way or more original perspective to see the island than from above while falling from the sky. And guess where you land with the parachute? At the impressive Maspalomas Dunes, another destination not to be missed during your 4-day getaway to Gran Canaria.

Dunes of Maspalomas: the place to enjoy everything at once

Once you had the adventure of seeing Gran Canaria from the sky it is a wonderful feeling to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the beautiful Maspalomas Dunes, an area that is worth touring and exploring in its entirety.

You will be marvelling at the landscape which transports us to more exotic lands making us feel as if we were in the Sahara.

Exploring these dunes can be done in many ways from walking routes to camel rides. Whichever method you choose you will have the opportunity to enjoy a vastness of golden sand, an oasis with its saltwater lagoon and a spectacular beach scenery as well as many other surprises that the Maspalomas Dunes have to offer…

There are some key points that should not be missed on your visit to Maspalomas and among these we must highlight:

Maspalomas Lighthouse

Built in the 19th century the Maspalomas Lighthouse is one of the icons not only of the area but of the island itself. It is a must-visit as you can combine the sightseeing with a walk along one of the most special promenades on the island.

There is a wide range of shops, restaurants, bars and of course the spectacular view from the lighthouse at 58 metres above sea level. Get your camera ready to capture this beautiful postcard-image!

Beaches of Maspalomas

There is a wide range of beaches in the area and there is something for everyone. Take note of some of these ideas to visit on your 4-day getaway to Gran Canaria:

  • Meloneras Beach: An excellent choice for families with children as it is close to the main points of interest.
  • Playa del Inglés: One of the most famous beaches not only on the island but in the whole Europe. Calm waters, fine sand and many water sport activities available – from surfing to jet skiing. If you are wondering about what to do in Gran Canaria in 4 days Playa del Inglés is an excellent choice for a fun day out, rich in variety.
  • Maspalomas Beach: Another great option for a day at the beach in the area. A very popular beach due to its location and the various possibilities it offers for families.

Racing at the Maspalomas Circuit

Let’s find the edge again because in Gran Canaria fun is lived to the fullest and the possibility to speed along the racing circuit proves it.

There are frequent competitions held at this circuit, much to the delight of visitors. However you don’t have to stay a spectator only watching the professional drivers – if you wish you can get on the tracks yourself, enjoying the thrill of racing in a beautiful setting.

Puerto de Mogán: a beautiful coastal village with charm

In our list of of must-does when only staying 4 days in Gran Canaria we could not leave out one of the most picturesque villages of the island: Puerto de Mogán.

Stroll along the port, through pretty alleys or at the local market, explore the coastline with a boat trip and enjoy activities such as snorkelling.

If you fancy a beautiful sunset while tasting the local delicacies  this is the place to be.


Hiking to the unspoiled beach – Playa de Güi Güi

Let’s not limit our list of things to do in Gran Canaria in 4 days to just visiting the beaches of Maspalomas. The island has many others that you will find truly marvellous. However, sometimes the destination is not everything but the journey itself is the real discovery. Find out for your self on the way to this remote and unspoiled beach, Playa de Güi Güi.

Along the west coast of the island in the area of Aldea de San Nicolás we find one of the least explored areas by tourists: one of the most beautiful routes which you should definitely visit even on your short stay in Gran Canaria.

The beach is accessible by boat or by foot, the hike offering you amazing views of the area.

We recommend starting the hike in the area of the Degollada de Aguas Sabinas mountain. The trail ascends 546 metres giving you the opportunity to take some incredible photos. The descent, full of beautiful cliffs, will guide you to one of the rest areas along the track where you can recharge your batteries before continuing the route.

After the break the path leads to the beach of Güi Güi a protected area of breathtaking beauty which stands out for its volcanic landscape. You can also see the island of Tenerife from the shore of Güi Güi.

Don’t leave without taking a dip in the cooling waters of Güi Güi beach. To do so, you can choose between two areas: Güi Güi Grande and Chico. Being a very remote place you should bring the basics to be comfortable as there are no beach bars nor restaurants of any kind in the surrounding area.

Viewpoints of Gran Canaria: photos, selfies and views to remember

Among the essential stops on the itinerary of “what to do in Gran Canaria in 4 days”, enjoying the views of the island is pretty much obligatory. If you want to absorb the positive energy that a trip to Gran Canaria can give you, make a stop at the island’s different lookouts. You’ll be left open-mouthed!

To enjoy the most spectacular views of the island you have several options. Here are some of our favourite lookouts that should not be missed in your list of things to visit and do in Gran Canaria in 4 days. Since we are in the San Nicolás area the first lookout we recommend you to visit is the “Mirador El Balcón, located between Agaete and Aldea de San Nicolás itself.

From this spectacular lookout you can enjoy one of the most privileged views of the island, appreciating both the immensity of the ocean and a beautiful, zigzagging cliff formation called the “Dragon’s Tail”. Amazing pictures that will decorate your Instagram profile 😉

We also recommend you to check out “Pico de los Pozos”, the highest lookout of the island and the perfect spot to say goodbye to your express visit to Gran Canaria and the ideal place to put the finishing touch to your list of things to do in Gran Canaria in 4 days!

We hope that our must-do-list for a 4-day visit to Gran Canaria helps you to organise your short getaway and maybe we could inspire you to dare one of the best adventure and adrenaline experiences in the world;-) Enjoy Gran Canaria from the heights with iJump!

You can also celebrate a special occasion with us such as birthdays, marriage proposals, bachelor parties…. Contact us to book your tandem skydive in Gran Canaria!


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