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Skydive over Gran Canaria: a unique experience!

Life is fun! Skydive in Gran Canaria with the best and let iJump take you on the unique adventure of jumping out of an aircraft over this paradisiacal island. 

An exhilarating free fall at over 200 km / h is followed by a peaceful parachute flight over Playa del Inglés before landing safely on the famous Maspalomas Dunes. Marvel at the spectacular views of the ocean, islands, mountains, beaches and dunes on the way up to height and all the way back to earth. 

Conquer your fears, fulfil your dreams, live an exciting adventure – enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

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Discover Gran Canaria like never before

Skydive with us and enjoy a unique experience!


We love jumping out of planes and we want to share our passion with the world!

It is truly amazing to witness the vivid transformation of a person who skydives for the first time, a daily reminder of why we do what we do as we all remember our first jump. 

For us, this was a life changing moment and the beginning of many adventures which ultimately led to the creation of iJump as our desire to share our passion grew. 

Welcoming first timers and return guests, we at iJUMP GRAN CANARIA are thrilled to share such a special and personal moment with you and we are committed to give you one of the best experiences of your lifetime. 

We pride ourselves of having the most professional team and safety standards, operating with highly experienced staff who are proficient and passionate about what they do. 

Dedicated to excellence and enthusiastic to share their passion, our team will warmly welcome you into the unique world of skydiving. A world which is filled with a vibrant energy of adventure, excitement and happiness. This is a lifestyle and our motto speaks for itself: 

Life is fun!

Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award Winners

Tripadvisor Travelers Choice award winners


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Take the next step and book your skydive with us now. We want to share our passion for skydiving with you. Our team provides the highest safety standards and we use the latest technology equipment.

Begin your journey into the world of skydiving with the best. Our team of expert skydivers will ensure to give you the greatest adventure of your life.

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