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What is skydiving? Everything you need to know

There are many people who confuse skydiving with other types of sports or jumping techniques. To avoid confusion, in this post we will explain what skydiving is, clarify its characteristics and what is needed to practice it.

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But now to the topic of this blog post. If you want to know what skydiving is all about and what the characteristics of this spectacular sport are, read on!

What is skydiving?

In skydiving, people jump out of an aircraft from a certain height with a parachute. So it’s an extreme sport (and a lot of fun!) where you fly through the sky and release a large amount of adrenaline in the process. The parachute is there to reduce the speed of free fall and land safely, in a controlled manner.

The jump can be done from any type of aircraft (plane, helicopter, hot air balloon…) and requires a certain amount of training to master the techniques of free fall and canopy flight. Except tandem skydiving, with this type of jump you can enjoy the same sensations as an expert skydiver without any previous experience. Check out our blog post What is a tandem jump?

What equipment is needed for skydiving?

The fundamental elements to skydive are the following:

  • Main parachute
  • Reserve parachute
  • Container (bag pack) in which the parachutes are stored
  • Glasses (not compulsory but recommended)
  • Altimeter

After jumping from the aircraft, depending on the altitude and the type of jump, we can open the parachute immediately or after a period of free fall.

The weight of the body in free fall will cause the canopy to open and the air pressure will hold the parachute in shape for a smooth and controlled descent.

Although the classic shape of parachutes used to be round, today most parachutes are rectangular, which allows you more flight control.

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Benefits of skydiving

Now that you have a better idea what skydiving is all about, let’s get into some benefits of this unique sport:

  • A lot of adrenaline is released, which will enhance the body’s ability to respond.
  • It will energise you.
  • It improves the ability to use reflexes by increasing the necessary levels of attention.
  • It helps to release all the stress and tension accumulated from the daily routine.

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